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Eyewear and Astrology: Find Your 2024 Trendy Frames by Sign

What are the links between eyewear and astrology? Guided by the cosmos, EYESSEMAG invites you to discover the glasses that will go with your sign this year. A 2024 horoscope in which style is the star!

Lunettes de vue à monture cat-eye en acétate, dégradé de rouge à bleu avec branches dorées. marque Brendel

© Brendel

Lunettes de vue carrées en métal avec détails en écaille, monture verte et touches de rose doré.

© Caroline Abram

Lunettes rondes en écaille avec branches noires et charnières dorées, style vintage marque jean francois rey

© Jean-François Rey

Lunettes de vue oversize à monture violette en acétate avec branches métalliques argentées. marque Vogue

© Vogue

Pendentif en or avec motif tête de bélier et petite pierre précieuse verte en haut. marque zag bijoux

© Zag Jewelry

ARIES (21 March – 19 April)

This will be a year of daring. Jupiter will be there to give you a boost and help you to assert your personality. Discover new brands and opt for original eyewear by mixing and matching colours, materials, and styles! In a word, don’t be afraid to express your creativity this year.
To get more informations: BrendelCaroline Abram, JF Rey, Vogue



Lunettes de vue noires audacieuses en acétate avec détail doré sur la branche et coin supérieur. marque bottega veneta

Lunettes de vue rondes avec monture métallique dorée, branches marron et détails en écaille. marque Giogio Armani

© Giorgio Armani

Lunettes de vue rétro rondes avec monture en écaille marron clair et branches métalliques. marque Serengeti

© Serengeti

Lunettes de vue en acétate gris transparent avec détails perlés sur les branches. marque tod's

© Tod's

Pendentif en or simple avec gravure de constellation sur une chaîne délicate. marque histoire d'or

© Histoire d’Or

TAURUS (20 April – 20 May)

Now is a good time to change your glasses. Even though Jupiter and Uranus (in your sign every 80 years) are urging you to shake up your usual habits, you won’t be going for a flamboyant style. Instead, you’ll be opting for comfort and discreet elegance, and choosing a frame that fits perfectly with the quiet luxury trend.
To get more informations: Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani, Serengeti,  Tod’s




Lunettes de vue noires modernes avec une monture audacieuse et un accent doré sur le bord supérieur. marque Andy Wolf

© Andy Wolf

Lunettes rondes élégantes avec une monture bleu foncé et des branches contrastantes orange. marque Arnette

© Arnette

Lunettes de créateur avec un motif géométrique noir et jaune et le logo emblématique de la marque sur la charnière. marque Gucci

© Gucci

Eyeglasses with cat-eye acetate frame, gradient from red to blue with gold temples.

© Max Mara

Collier chic en or avec deux pendentifs ronds, l'un gravé de "love" et l'autre présentant un design de constellation. marque merci maman

© Merci Maman

GEMINI (20 May -20 June)

The planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus are uniting in your astral sky. Accompanied by Pluto, they invite stylistic transformations and mixes. Feel free to combine classic shapes with bold colours, and vice versa. Your style will be fabulously contrasted – and it will show!
To get more informations: Andy Wolf, Arnette, Gucci, Max Mara




Classic round gold frame glasses with a minimalist design and black temple tips.

© Lindberg

Contemporary square frame glasses with a translucent beige frame and subtle blue accents. lool brand

© lool

Clean cat-eye glasses with a metallic gray frame and subtle blue corner details. Skaga brand

© Skaga

Modern semi-rimless glasses with a gray frame and a clean design for a professional look. Stark brand

© Starck

Collier sophistiqué en or avec un pendentif rectangulaire entouré de cristaux et un spirale gravée au centre. marque Louis Pion

© Louis Pion

CANCER (20 June – 22 July)

This will be a year of rebirth. Thanks to Pluto, you’ll be on a spiritual quest and will want to feel good every day. Pastel colours and light, comfortable frames will reflect your gentleness, spirituality, and sense of empathy.
To get more informations: Lindberg, lool, Skaga, Starck




Fashionable cat-eye frame glasses with a distinctive black and white lace pattern and logo on the temple. brand Dolce & Gabbana

© Dolce & Gabbana

Vintage style cat-eye glasses in deep burgundy with crystal embellishments on the front and temples. swarovski brand

© Svarowski

Playful round glasses with a thick pink and orange frame, adding a touch of eccentricity. theo brand

© Théo

Stylish rectangular glasses with a colorful striped pattern on the temples and a dark top border. ultra limited brand

© Ultra Limited

Pendentif en or représentant la constellation du Lion avec trois cristaux incrustés. marque maty

© Maty

LEO (22 July – 22 August)

Flamboyant by nature, you’ll stop at nothing. This year, the stars are rolling out the red carpet for you and it would be a shame not to show off your unique style.
Venture down this path by choosing out-of-the-ordinary frames that will boost your sense of extravagance.
To get more informations: Dolce & Gabbana, Swarowski, Théo, Ultra Limited


Stylish round glasses with a unique gold frame and pattern detail, reminiscent of classic vintage style. chloe brand

© Chloé

Refined aviator style glasses with a thin gold frame and double bridge. gigi studio brand

© Gigi Studio

Classic round glasses with black and gold frames, creating a refined and timeless aesthetic. Linda Farrow brand

© Linda Farrow

Modern hexagonal glasses with a slim rose gold frame and contrasting green temple tips for a contemporary look. mykita brand

© Mykita

Collier avec pendentif en or chic présentant une gravure détaillée d'un guerrier antique. marque hipanema

© Hipanema

VIRGO (22 August – 22 September)

With Uranus and Jupiter in your sign, you’ll be driven by curiosity and openness to others. Thanks to your innate sense of style, you’ll opt for refined, elegant frames with a touch of originality. Now is the time to choose classic frames but with sophisticated details.
To get more informations: Chloé, Gigi Studios, Linda Farrow, Mykita




Full-rim glasses with two-tone green and purple frame, black temples and gold details. caroline abram brand

© Caroline Abram

Full-rim glasses with matte blue frame on top and translucent orange on the bottom, with thin temples. mini brand

© Mini

Round eyeglasses with tortoiseshell frame in shades of brown and orange, and thin metal temples. krys signature brand

© Signature Krys

Geometric eyeglasses with gold metal frame and pink details on the corners and temples. vogue brand

© Vogue

Pendentif en or avec médaillon rond sur fond bleu cannelé représentant la constellation du Sagittaire avec des cristaux incrustés. marque les nereides

© Les Néreïdes

LIBRA (22 September – 22 October)

Saturn and Uranus are urging you to be more rigorous, while Jupiter and Pluto are stoking your curiosity and passion. Take advantage of their influence to choose timeless frames with beautiful, contrasting textures and colours. The harmony of this ensemble will amaze you.
To get more informations: Caroline Abram, Mini, Signature Krys, Vogue

Half-rimmed eyeglasses with navy blue top frame, gold metal temples and blue details. cartier brand

© Cartier

Full-rim glasses with transparent plastic frame tinted in purple and black temples. nuxe brand

© Nuxe

Eyeglasses with a large transparent red square plastic frame and matching temples. brand Vanessa Bruno

© Vanessa Bruno

Lunettes de vue cerclées avec une épaisse monture plastique verte et branches assorties marque nathalie blanc

© Nathalie Blanc

Pendentif doré avec médaillon rond texturé représentant un arbre de vie stylisé. marque maje

© Maje

SCORPIO (22 October – 21 November)

Supported by Jupiter, Pluto is preparing a major upheaval. Your inner self will be your main priority. Once you have risen to this challenge, you’ll be ready for new experiences. To boost your powers of seduction, opt for frames with deep colours and luxurious materials!
To get more informations: Cartier, Nathalie Blanc, Nuxe, Vanessa Bruno




Brown eyeglasses with removable sun clips in pink and black, demonstrating versatility in style and function. Afflelou magic brand

© Magic / Afflelou

Fashion-forward sunglasses with a translucent gray split frame design and leather-covered gold central bridge, Persol branded transition lenses

© Persol / Transitions glasses

High-tech smart glasses in black with camera and sensor integration for augmented reality experiences. ray ban sotires meta brand

© Ray-Ban Stories / Meta

Tom Ford designer sunglasses with round tortoiseshell frames and light brown tinted lenses, featuring the brand's iconic T logo on the temples. tom ford brand

© Tom Ford

Pendentif en or avec un design circulaire présentant une figure centrale étoilée et un détail de cristal sur un fond texturé marque le manège a bijoux

© Le Manège à Bijoux

SAGITTARIUS (21 November – 21 December)

Uranus is determined to break you out of your usual routine. If you’ve been putting off buying a new pair of glasses, now is the time to make a decision. They’ll be comfortable, functional, and practical, of course. But what about trying on some connected glasses or photochromic lenses?
To get more informations: Magic Afflelou, Persol, Ray-Ban Meta, Tom Ford




Bold transparent red eyeglasses from Miu Miu with the brand name in gold on the temples and a distinctive angular shape. miu miu brand

© Miu Miu

Oversized octagonal eyeglasses with blue transparent frames and contrasting gold metal temples for a modern look. paul & joe brand

© Paul & Joe

Contemporary eyeglasses with clear frames accented with yellow and orange stripes on the temples, providing a pop of vibrant color. superdry brand

© Superdry

Chic eyeglasses with clear pink frames, gold accents and a touch of tortoiseshell pattern on the temples for subtle elegance. mark tree show

© Tree Spectacle

Charme avec un fond rouge et le signe du zodiaque Capricorne en doré, idéal pour ajouter une touche personnelle aux bijoux marque satellite

© Satellite

CAPRICORN (21 December – 19 January)

Freed from the negative influence of Pluto, you’re ready to take on new challenges. What’s more, Venus will drive your urge to transform and go wild. You could indulge in some trendy new glasses, or combine old ones with a new hairstyle or make-up.
To get more informations: Miu Miu, Paul & Joe, Superdry, Tree Spectacle




Round eyeglasses with thin matte brown frames and gold details on the hinges. acuitis brand

© Acuitis

Oversized glasses with transparent peach-colored frames with touches of fuchsia pink on the ends of the temples. furla brand on seecly

© Furla / Seecly

Eco-friendly eyeglasses with round-shaped light brown wooden frame and matching temples. custom made lissac brand

© Lissac (custom made)

Lunettes décalées avec monture en forme de huit en acétate écaille de tortue et branches noires épaisses. marque seconde vue

© Seconde Vue

Collier avec pendentif en or représentant la Vierge, sur un médaillon rond à surface irrégulière. marque les basiles sur Zalando

© Les Basiles (dispos sur Zalendo)

AQUARIUS (19 January – 18 February)

Pluto is entering your sign to enable you to take responsibility for your choices. This is the time to give free rein to your creativity and eccentric tastes. When it comes to eyewear, open your mind to cutting-edge designers, vintage boutiques, and even one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces.
To get more informationsAcuitis, Furla sur Seecly, Lissac sur Mesure, Seconde Vue





Wide frame eyeglasses in navy blue acetate with stripes and gold hinges with the Chanel brand logo

© Chanel

Retro eyeglasses with thick tortoiseshell acetate frames and decorative metal hinge. lanvin brand

© Lanvin

Lunettes de vue audacieuses à monture carrée en acétate vert translucide et branches en métal argenté. marque kirk & kirk

© Kirk & Kirk

Lunettes de vue artistiques avec monture ronde rouge cerclée et branches métalliques noires allongées. marque morel collection jean nouvel

© Morel / Jean Nouvel collection

Pendentif délicat en or avec constellation du Scorpion incrustée de cristaux sur un cercle ouvert. marque pandora

© Pandora

PISCES (18 February – 20 March)

Saturn is back in your sign. Supported by Jupiter, it encourages you to think about yourself and what you really like. Go for that pair of glasses you’ve always dreamed of! The colours and materials inspire you, so what are you waiting for?!
To get more informations: Chanel, Kirk & Kirk, Lanvin, Morel & Jean Nouvel




Written by Yanita Kostova
Rewritten by Alexander Uff