Which glasses are right for your star sign?

Don’t know what style to choose for your next set of specs? The EYESEEmag team have matched star signs with glasses so you can pick the pair that was written in the stars.

  • 1.Bélier-©-Kirk-&-Kirk-1100x400

    © Kirk & Kirk


    With a dynamic and often impulsive personality, Aries are not faint hearted. So when it comes to fashion choices, it’s all about forgetting the rule book and trying bold new styles. What better for this fire sign than an original design that will grab everyone’s attention, in a sizzling red, of course.

    The Centena by Kirk & Kirk


  • 2.Taureau-©Rezin-1100x400

    © Rezin


    On the calmer side, and sometimes quite shy, Taurus often prefer to cuddle up and cocoon than being centre of attention. Their natural elegance attracts them to finer materials, and since change isn’t their forte, they prefer quality pieces that will stand the test of time, like a pair handmade from wood.

    The Rio by Rezin


  • 3.Gémeaux-©-Polette-1100x400

    © Polette


    Optimistic and curious, Geminis love originality. Unafraid of more off-the-wall styles, they like to try different looks to express all the aspects of their personality. Since routine is a source of great boredom, they need designs that stand out with touches of extravagance.

    The Nostradamus by Polette

  • 4.-Cancer-©-Dita-1100x400

    © Dita Eyewear


    Cancers tend to be nostalgic for the past and so are naturally attracted to vintage pieces. Sensitive and in touch with their emotions, they also look for something soft and gentle. The classic aviator could give Cancers a path to the past while staying rooted in the now with their timeless shape. Vintage acetate glasses with pastel colored lenses would be perfect for this star sign.

    The Flight-Seven by Dita

  • 5.Lion-©Chanel-1100x400

    © Chanel


    With elegance, charisma and flair, Leos have a sharp sense of style. Always on the lookout for the latest trends with their expert eye, they know how to put an outfit together with the accessories to boot. Only designer frames will do for this Anna Wintour of star signs.

    Chanel square glasses

  • 6.-Vierge-©Anne-&-Valentin-1100x400

    © Anne et Valentin


    Simplicity is what a Virgo seeks and though they might seem calm, they are superlatively meticulous, as much in character as in their style. With an eye for detail, they tend towards casual pieces that are finished to perfection and their glasses are no exemption.

    The Baudelaire by Anne & Valentin

  • 7.Balance-©Chloé-1100x400

    © Chloé


    Libras are the fashionistas of the zodiac. Always up to date on the latest trends, they are attracted by refined design and beautiful pieces which they collect until their wardrobes are full to bursting. Whatever their style, they want to be noticed, so something from the latest trends for the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 season is what they need, full of Seventies hippie style.

    Chloé glasses at Optimale Optique

  • 8.-Scorpion-©Balenciaga-1100x400

    © Balenciaga


    Passionate and fiesty, Scorpios know how to listen to their instincts. With no concern for the latest trends, for them it’s all about love at first sight. And when it comes to colors, black and red are the obvious choice along with a design that will highlight their mysterious and intense character.

    Balenciaga Eyewear at Farfetch

  • 9.Sagittaire-©Minima-1100x400

    © Minima


    Sagittarius are the epicureans of the zodiac, with a lust for life and liberty. They have little interest in material things and it shows in their look. With practicality as priority number 1, what’s important is how the outfits fit their adventures. Their spontaneous nature mean that they can switch styles with their mood; for them we recommend discreet designs that will take them anywhere.

    The Minima-1 by Minima

  • 10.Capricorne-©-komono-1100x400

    © Komono


    Rational and methodical, Capricorns are prudent decision makers. With sharp analytical skills, reason governs their choices and they’ll take their time before making any purchases. Their style reflects their personality: elegant, sober and efficient, so when it comes to glasses, they need something classy and timeless.

    The Presley by Komono

  • 11.Verseau-©Kuboraum-1100x400

    © Kuboraum


    Without a doubt, this sign is the most avant-garde of all. Their style is full of originality as they follow their desires freely. They also have a special skill for finding that one piece which makes all the difference. Forward facing with a preference for modernity, they know how to choose a pair that will help them stand out.

    Kuboraum glasses on Farfetch

  • 12.Poisson-©-Jimmy-Fairly-1100x400

    © Jimmy Fairly


    These great dreamers love to hide in their own bubble. Both sensitive and creative, they know how to mix styles to create a look that is unique to them. Their wardrobe is full of romantic and delicate pieces and their glasses should match with soft and gentle colors.

    The La Furore by Jimmy Fairly

Written by Josh Arnold