10 sunglasses that stand out from the crowd

Like standing out from the crowd with your out-of-the-ordinary fashion choices? Here’s our selection of 10 ultra-original (and ultra-chic) sunglasses.

For that wow effect

If for you, dressing to impress means a killer bag, shoes or an extravagant jacket, why not try a pair of glasses to really knock their socks off. From chic to shock, with a touch of luxury, a dash of zebra and plenty of crystals, we’ve got it all.


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    © Gucci

    1. Cat eye glasses, Gucci, 400 euros


    Gucci is saying goodbye to the classic cat eye and hello to a new design adorned with gems that help it stand out from the Cruise 2020 collection. The black and white zebra print frames sparkle with crystals down the arms that will catch the eye of anyone who passes.

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    © Chanel

    2. Round glasses, Chanel, 420 euros

    Chanel is seeing big with these oversized round glasses. Made from black, grey and yellow acetate, these frames are like nothing you’ve seen before.

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    © Valentino

    3. Triangular glasses, Valentino, 300 euros

    Among the many models from Italian fashion house Valentino, these really catch the eye. How better to silence any last doubts about your innate sense of style than with a triangular pair of glasses set with crystal studs?

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    © Swarovski

    4. Peach glasses, Swarovski, 179 euros

    The brand best known for its crystal jewelry is behind this elegant and refined pair of glasses that are neither too ordinary nor too bling with a sophisticated design, delicately decorated with Crystal Fabric.

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    © Valentino

    5. Crystal glasses, Valentino, 1000 euros

    Sticking with the crystal theme, Valentino has set the bar high with these frames set with more than 900 Austrian crystals. Whoever said only diamonds were a girl’s best friend?

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    © Stella McCartney

    6. Cat-eye glasses, Stella McCartney, 250 euros

    You’ve seen plenty of cat-eye frames already, it’s a trendy and sought-after design, and Stella McCartney’s version stays sobre and chic. But one detail shakes things up: little stars on each side of the frames pay tribute to the designer’s first name while making the wearer sparkle.

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    © Prada

    7. Ultravox glasses, Prada, 215 euros

    Many people confuse a cat-eye with a butterfly design but let us assure you they couldn’t be less similar. (We refer you to our article on glasses shapes). Wearing this pair of sunglasses from the Prada Ultravox collection is sure to give you butterflies.

  • tendances-10-solaires-pour-sortir-de-ordinaire-louisvuitton-arizona-slider-banniere

    © Louis Vuitton

    8. Arizona Dream glasses, Louis Vuitton, 435 euros

    Louis Vuitton doesn’t only do bags and clothes. They have a whole range of accessories like this pair of Arizona Dream sunglasses with a shape that suits both round and oval shaped faces. Even though the LV on the arms might be discreet, they are still sure to stand out.

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    © Komono

    9. Avery Light blue glasses, Komono, 59 euros

    For a touch of eccentricity with no hint of bad taste, Komono’s rectangular blue acetate sunglasses have large arms. Pure originality and a color that will go perfectly with any springtime look.

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    © Komono

    10. Vito Paradise glasses, Komono, 59 euros

    We end this selection with the Vito Paradise, another design from Belgian brand Komono who explain that this diamond-shaped design will help you see the world through rose colored spectacles.