15 Tinted Lenses to Brighten up Your Winter

Fight gray skies with rose-tinted glasses – or, rather, lenses that come in everything from acid brights to pop art primary colors. You’ll finding us waiting for the sun in style, in colored glasses destined to brighten up your everyday.

Since they made a comeback in 2017, tinted lenses have never been more on-trend, lifting a look and adding a little originality to an outfit. Lagoon blue, candy pink, lemon yellow and olive green are just a few of the rich tones on a new crop of lenses. It’s just what the doctor ordered for the depths of a cold, gray winter; we defy you to feel blue in a pair of colored glasses. And as if you needed another reason, they are not designed for strong summer light, making them perfect for the winter season.

Colored lenses make an unexpected comeback

No-one really thought colored lenses would stick the second time around, but for the past couple of years they have been a fixture during Fashion Week both on the runway and off, spotted on the noses of influencers who love good glasses  and models alike. This 1970s throwback, popularized by the stars of the era as well as the hippy movement, actually saw the light of day a lot earlier. The first tinted lenses were made in 1752 by a British optician named James Ayscough, who designed the blue and green lenses to treat vision problems.

Since then, colored lenses have made several cult appearances on the big screen. Remember Brad Pitt’s bright red glasses in Fight Club or Johnny Depp’s famous yellow Ray-Bans in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Some famous figures even had their glasses lenses specially tinted by the manufacturer, like Elton John, Bono and French figure of the cabaret world, Michou, who wore trademark blue glasses. Robert Downey Jr also made them his signature, frequently swapping in blue, yellow and red lenses.


Choosing colored lenses

If seeing life through a filter appeals, think carefully before choosing your glasses. Are you sure you won’t go off the color? Tinted lenses are a bold statement, but they are also one you could get tired of. Think about how you will use them as well, would you wear them as sunglasses or in place of your prescription glasses? Make sure you check the sun protection rating if you’re thinking of using them as sunnies and never go on the depth of the color itself – darker shades do not necessarily mean that they will protect you efficiently, you should be looking for a protection rating of at least 3 whatever the color. If you want to add colored lenses to your prescription glasses, go for a lighter shade to avoid getting fed up with them and ask your optician’s advice: they will be able to advise you on the color depending on how you are planning on using them.

  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-poppy-chloe-mytheresa-banniere

    © Chloé

    Poppy glasses by Chloé on Mytheresa, €330

    Chloé pairs elegance with delicacy thanks to cut-outs and beautifully green-pink dégradé lenses.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-mia-thomas-sabo-banniere

    © Thomas Sabo

    Mia glasses by Thomas Sabo, €189

    Thomas Sabo went retro for their first ever eyewear collection for Summer 2019, like these oversized Mia frames with pink lenses.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-alain-mikli-banniere

    © Alain Mikli

    Alain Mikli sunglasses by Oliver Peoples, €295

    An iconic piece, straight from the archives of designer Alain Mikli.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-aviator-evolve-rayban-banniere

    © Ray-Ban

    Aviator Evolve glasses by Ray-Ban, €172

    See the world differently, as Ray-Ban’s must-have Aviators get a green lens update.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-thierry-lasry-banniere

    © Thierry Lasry

    Immunity glasses by Thierry Lasry, €430

    Both vintage and avant-garde, these Thierry Lasry glasses blend style eras with impeccable taste. Tortoiseshell acetate-ringed pink lenses are no exception.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-phoenix-jimmy-fairly-banniere

    © Jimmy Fairly

    Phoenix sunglasses by Jimmy Fairly, €99

    Bold sunglasses full of character from Jimmy Fairly, and for each pair purchased a pair of glasses goes to someone in need.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-marti-waiting-for-the-sun-banniere

    © Waiting For The Sun

    Marti sunglasses by Waiting For The Sun, €129

    This pieces combines classic style with modernity thanks to a play on contrasts with sheer acetate frame and lemon yellow lenses.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-carytown-etnia-barcelona-farfetch-banniere

    © Etnia Barcelona

    Carytown glasses by Etnia Barcelona on Farfetch, €237

    Graphic and original, these pink-lenses sunglasses are the twist your outfits were waiting for.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-diorcolorquake2-dior-mytheresa-banniere

    © Dior

    Diorcolorquake2 glasses by Dior on Mytheresa, €320

    A retro-futuristic electric shock for even the most low-key of looks, with clean-cut edges and rounded angles.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-LV0138S-vogue-eyewear-banniere

    © Vogue Eyewear

    V0138S sunglasses by Vogue Eyewear, €139

    When model Gigi Hadid teamed up with Vogue Eyewear on a pair of sunglasses, the result was always going to be super on-trend.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-SD800588-sandro-grand-optical-banniere

    © Sandro

    SD8005 883 glasses by Sandro at Grand Optical, by €169

    A subtle way to ring the changes without going too far.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-antisocial-fenty-banniere

    © Fenty

    Antisocial glasses by Fenty, €400

    If incognito is your worst nightmare, look to Rihanna and Fenty’s oversized chardonnay-colored lenses.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-EK1050J-emmanuelle-khanh-banniere

    © Emmanuelle Khanh

    EK1050J glasses by Emmanuelle Khanh, €380

    If you’re still waiting for the winter sun, Emmanuelle Khanh’s retro frames will lighten up your day. XL but delicate, thanks to finely cut acetate.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-miumiu-net-a-porter-banniere

    © Miu Miu

    Miu Miu sunglasses on Net-à-Porter, €235

    Tortoiseshell cat-eyes are a great compromise between vintage shapes and modern style.


  • tendances-lunettes-teintes-hiver-tyrel-silver-amethyst-komono-banniere

    © Tyrel Silver Amethyst

    Tyrel Silver Amethyst glasses by Komono, €79

    Low-key oblongs that will get you noticed thanks to lavender-tinted lenses.