10 Pairs of Ski Goggles for Navigating the Slopes

Winter may not have officially begun, but as the cold weather goes to prove, it certainly will soon. For those lucky enough to be hitting the slopes over the holidays, our selection of ski goggles catering for all budgets and tastes is not to be missed!

At high altitude and on the snow, the sun’s rays are made stronger and even more intense. The reflected light even magnifies the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on our eyes. Fortunately, there are specially adapted ski goggles and sunglasses out there to protect them. They can also offer protection against the cold and the wind, while improving both your field of vision and depth perception. When choosing ski goggles or sunglasses, opt for photochromic lenses (which darken on exposure to sunlight) or lenses with polarized filters (which stop UV rays and prevent you from being blinded by glare) to minimize reflection, not to mention the harmful effect of the sun on your eyes.


Know your Lens Categories

Don’t forget to check the protection category of the lenses in your sunglasses or ski goggles. Ranging from 0 to 4, these categories deserve serious consideration – the higher they are, the better your eyes are protected. Category 0 only offers what you might call “aesthetic comfort”, i.e. minimal protection. Category 1 is ideal for weak levels of sunlight – in winter, for example – or when it is overcast. Category 2 is designed for average levels of sunlight, while category 3 is suitable for strong sunlight, i.e. in the summer, on the beach and when skiing or enjoying other winter sports. Finally, category 4 is the most powerful and reserved for exceptionally strong sunlight. Lenses offering this kind of protection are perfect for high altitudes and glacier hiking, where the reflection of the sunlight is compounded by ice and/or snow.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-chanel-banniere

    © Chanel

    1. Ski goggles, Chanel — 750 euros

    Ideal for swishing down the slopes, these Chanel goggles also come in white. Providing excellent protection for your eyes, they offer the most powerful UV 4 sun protection and are suitable for strong sunlight of the variety found at high altitude.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-fendi-banniere

    © Fendi

    2. Ski glasses, Fendi — 500 euros

    These black goggles with Fendi logoed strap are sure to be snapped up by the fashion conscious who want to show off their style credentials on the slopes. For the full effect, team with the matching padded jacket adorned with iconic Fendi FF logo.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-moncler-banniere

    © Moncler

    3. Ski mask, Moncler — 275 euros

    If you thought Moncler only made top-of-the-range padded jackets, you’d be wrong. The brand that started out by selling down sleeping bags and mountain tents, offers ready-to-wear clothing, alongside sunglasses for skiing. Among them, you’ll find these striking silver-tone goggles for winter sports.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-moncler-2-banniere

    © Moncler

    4. Ski glasses, Moncler — 190 euros

    These unisex glasses can be worn both on and off the slopes. As well as being sturdy, they are wonderfully comfortable and can be adjusted to suit different face shapes. If you like to make a style statement with your frames, you’ll particularly appreciate the Moncler logo on the arms.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-superdry-banniere

    © Superdry

    5. Ski goggles, Superdry — 79.95 euros

    These anti-fog men’s ski goggles can be worn with a helmet and provide high protection against the reflected and more intense sunlight in the mountains. Category UV 3 is an ideal choice for strong sunlight, ensuring this particular model provides excellent sun protection for the eyes.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-100-banniere

    © 100%

    6. Accuri Brentwood goggles, 100 percent — 59 euros

    Owing to their anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses, these goggles ensure you vision is the best it can be when skiing. They also feature a unique 9-pin lens retention system (the highest in the industry) to achieve the perfect fit and help keep your goggles secure.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-komono-banniere

    © Komono

    7. Anton White Revo goggles, Komono — 79 euros

    The first ski goggles produced by the Belgian brand named after Anton Janssens, founder and artistic director of Komono and former professional snowboarder. Not only are they customizable, they adapt beautifully to any physiognomy and offer 100% UV protection, filtering out all ultraviolet rays.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-prada-banniere

    © Prada

    8. Linea Rossa sunglasses, Prada — 230 euros

    Thanks to the combination of their sporty look, bold color and mirrored lenses, you’ll be hard to miss in these on the slopes! Not only are they ultra-lightweight, these Prada frames work for all face shapes and the lenses provide complete protection against UVAs and UVBs.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-roxy-banniere

    © Roxy

    9. Sunset Art Series ski goggles, Roxy — 90 euros

    These women’s goggles with built-in ventilation system (perfect for keeping them from misting up) and foam around the edges provide effective eye protection. However, they are best suited to smaller or medium-sized faces. Their photochromic lenses (recommended in the mountains) adapt to the light conditions for optimal comfort. Slightly orange tinted in colour, they offer category 1 to 2 protection, which lends itself to weak or average sunlight.

  • tendances-10-masques-ski-chloe-banniere

    © Chloé

    10. Cassidy ski goggles, Dragon x Chloé — 300 euros

    The latest Chloé must-have? The very first ski goggles from its collaboration with Dragon, the American eyewear label specializing in eyewear for active people. These goggles feature the Chloé rainbow from the spring-summer 2019 collection. Pink mirrored lenses are supplied for bad weather and silver mirrored lenses for strong sunlight. Lumalens technology allows for HD vision and improved depth perception. They also protect your eyes from 100% of UVs.