10 pairs of surfer-style sunglasses to beach-proof your holiday

Surfing and summer. It’s a partnership made in heaven. But even if you don’t have plans to hit the waves in Biarritz or Bondi Beach, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the look. We’ve rounded up the best frames that will fool even the most seasoned pros of your sand and surf credentials. Far out!

  • lunettes-surfeurs-julbo-banniere

    © Julbo

    1- Adelaide Noir Mat Polarized 3 sunglasses, €41.90, available from

    Women’s sunglasses by Julbo fitted with polarized lenses and a butterfly-shaped frame. Perfect for water sports aficionadas, who want to avoid the glare of the sun.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-solar-lennox-banniere

    © Solar Lennox

    2- Solar Lennox sunglasses, €49.90, available from

    Super sporty frames that wouldn’t look out of place on Action Man. The curved temples will ensure a good secure fit, however high the wave.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-olaian-banniere

    3- Olaian sunglasses, €25, available from

    Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the adjustable strap on this sporty model give these glasses a google-like feel, and will ensure they stay in place when the waves come crashing down.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-quicksilver-banniere

    © Quicksilver

    4- Quicksilver glasses, €65,40, available from

    A classic style which will work in town as much as the beach, they are our latest favourites from the brand loved by surfer dudes and chicks everywhere.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-oakley01-banniere

    © Oakley

    5- Oakley sunglasses, €132.30, available from

    These neon green Oakleys are for the bold and brave. Keeping you visible on the beach, they are also the perfect accessory for a summer night rave.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-jimmy-fairly-banniere

    © Jimmy Fairly

    6 – Jimmy Fairly Solar sunglasses, €129, available from

    What glasses does a champion surfer wear when they hit the town? Tortoiseshell, with a funky geometric twist in two contrasting colourways, these Jimmy Fairly shades might come pretty close to the answer.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-wood-chic-banniere

    © Wood & Chic

    7 – Wood & Chic sunglasses, €69.90, available from

    Designed in light, rustic-looking wood, these striking frames remind us of vintage surfboards, well-weathered by the elements.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-roxy01-banniere

    © Roxy

    8 – Roxy sunglasses, €85, available from

    A brand that makes up a good fraction of every surfer’s DNA, these Roxy frames are neutral but cool, and ideal for the beach-to-street transition.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-oakley02-banniere

    © Oakley

    9 – Oakley sunglasses, €212, available from

    This sci-fi appropriate model uses state of the art lens technology, to improve visibility and ensure that the midday rays never get in the way of your flow.

  • lunettes-surfeurs-roxy02-banniere

    © Roxy

    10 – Roxy sunglasses, €85, available from

    With their intense, blue-purple lenses, the colour of these Roxy frames will complement the ultramarine tones of the ocean. Perfect for sporty women who don’t want to compromise on style.