Bangs Are Back: The Hairstyle Trend for 2024 and the Art of Combining Bangs and Glasses

After a triumphant return  in 2023, bangs are now the must-have hair signature for 2024. With a huge range of styles – curtained, side-sweep, straight, short, or long – there’s a cut for everyone, offering a multitude of possibilities for enhancing any appearance. However, choosing eyewear that perfectly complements your bangs requires an expert eye. Vanessa Giani, head of training at Jean Louis David, shares her invaluable tips for striking that perfect balance between haircut and frames.

-Interview by Yanita Kostova-


For our readers who wear glasses every day, what hairstyle would you recommend for striking an aesthetic balance?


The perfect hairstyle is one that takes into account the proportions of the face, the transparency that bangs can provide, and, of course, the color harmony between the hair and the frame of the glasses. It is crucial that the chosen cut doesn’t clash with the frame of the glasses, but instead adds to it. Lighter, side-sweep bangs can add a touch of sophistication and a feeling of lightness, while matching hair color with frame color can create a cohesive, visually pleasing look.

young woman with bangs wearing glasses

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What impact can the style of bangs have on someone’s face?


The choice of bangs is directly linked to facial morphology. Lateral or side-sweep bangs can lengthen a rounder face, while long, graded bangs can soften the more angular features of a square-shaped face. Longer cuts on the side can also help balance the overall structure. For rectangular faces, thick, well-structured bangs combined with cuts that add volume can soften sharper angles. Oval faces have the advantage of easily adapting to almost any style, but straight bangs can really embellish and enhance more delicate features.

young woman with bangs and glasses Caroline Abram looking at herself in a mirror

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What style of bangs are the most suited to eyewear?


Straight bangs are still a timeless choice and work well with most face shapes and frame shapes. They are particularly flattering on oval faces. Side bangs, especially when tapered, can lighten the expression and bring a unique softness to the eyes. However, it is advisable to avoid excessively thick bangs, which can narrow the field of vision and overload the overall aesthetic, especially when combined with glasses with XXL frames.

young woman with bangs wearing green fluttery glasses from the brand kirk & kirk

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Is the length of the bangs important to consider when picking a style of eyewear?


Absolutely, the length of the bangs plays a key role in balancing the face, especially when wearing glasses. A short fringe can be enhanced by thin, discreet frames, avoiding overloading the face. By contrast, glasses with bolder frames can be balanced out by longer bangs, creating a harmonious, proportionate overall effect.

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young woman with curly, frizzy hair, mixed race, wearing bangs and square glasses from the Lindberg brand


Can you tell us what bangs-eyewear combos work best for creating a coherent look?


When working with thick frames, it’s best to choose simple, balanced cuts to avoid overloading the face. With thin frames, you can afford more elaborate hairstyles – including with bangs – as this style of eyewear provides a discreet backdrop that enhances the hair. On the other hand, wide frames work well with a variety of bangs, allowing you to play around with volume without disturbing the overall visual harmony.

young woman wearing bangs and glasses

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By following the advice of experts like Vanessa Giani, not only can you stay on top of hair trends in 2024, but you can also find the style that suits you best, highlighting your personality and unique features.