Eight pairs of glasses ideal for Aquarians

Astrology has been mainstream for many years, no longer the preserve of an elite with the ability to read cards and follow the movements of the planets in the solar system. In fact, it’s been democratized to the point of becoming a major component of our pop culture. Our star signs can be very influential in helping to guide us in making decisions, whether linked to our personal or professional lives. So, why shouldn’t we expect them to have an impact on our fashion choices as well? If you see the logic of star sign style, we’ve selected some frames for all the Aquarians out there.

Anyone born between 21 January and 19 February can be considered an Aquarius, the air sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn. That’s the astrological background, but how do you actually recognize an Aquarian? If there was one word to describe them, it would be paradoxical. Aquarians like to go from one extreme to the other. Despite being very shy, their disarming independence helps them hide this facet of their personality. Creative, whimsical and effusive, they still find it difficult to talk about their feelings, or confide in others. When it comes to fashion, they are daring and like to express themselves through what they wear, yet often turn to simple and elegant classic designs. All in all, Aquarians are multifaceted, as shown by their attitude, their choice of words, as well as their choice of frames.

  • 1-Lunettes-Tom-Ford-1100x400

    © Tom Ford

    Tom Ford’s Neughman shades

    Provocative yet distinguished, cutting-edge yet timeless, Tom Ford is an obvious choice for the kind of designs that embody the duality of an Aquarian. We were drawn to this iconic pair of Navigator glasses, complete with blinders and orange-hued lenses, which are similar to the Cybil design worn by one very famous Aquarian… The Weeknd.

    Available here.

  • 2-irina-Caroline-Abram-1100x400

    © Irina / Caroline Abram

    Caroline Abram’s Irina frames

    The Aquarian woman is defined as creative and eccentric, not unlike the cool and colorful collections from the Parisian designer label, Caroline Abram. We settled on these square frames in acetate and steel for an on-trend, retro-inspired look. What’s more, they’re an Aquarian’s lucky color – blue.

    Available here.

  • 3-Francis-Komono-1100x400

    © Françis / Komono

    Francis frames from Komono

    Thanks to their taste for adventure, Aquarians love traveling and exploring the world. Which is precisely why they should pack some suitable sunglasses, like these great basics from Komono. As well as being wild enough for the intrepid, they won’t break the bank.

    Available here.

  • 4-Iota-Mykita-1100x400

    © Iota / Mykita

    Mykita’s Iota glasses

    Aquarians are forward-looking people and tend to be at ease with new technology. So what better match than Mykita, a brand invested in innovative design? Together with the rest of the MYLON range, these glasses are produced using a new 3D printing technique known as selective laser sintering (SLS), for ultra-lightweight frames that are every bit as stylish as they are innovative.

    Available here.

  • 5-Chloé-1100x400

    © Chloé

    Rosie shades from Chloé

    When it comes to fashion, an Aquarian will happily go all out. It’s often said that glasses complete an outfit and we think these original, whimsical and edgy frames are more than worthy of this sign, especially with their cloud-like lenses echoing the air element.

    Available here.

  • 6-Oliverpeoples-1100x400

    © Oliver People

    Sheldrake by Oliver Peoples

    Aquarians like taking risks in wearing cutting-edge creations, but they also know how to draw on classic designs that are simple and stylish. Just take these unisex frames for example, which could work with any look and for any occasion. Jennifer Aniston – one of the most admired of Aquarian women – is a fan of the American label as well.

    Available here.

  • 7-Gamine-1100x400

    © Gamine

    Florentin frames from Gamine

    Combining their inner explorer with their taste for unconventionality to perfection, Aquarians will love the range of glasses by the young New York-based label, Gamine. Expect round-lens eyewear with travel-inspired names, like this quirky-looking graphic design, paying tribute to the hippest district of Tel-Aviv.

    Available here.

  • 8-Saint-Laurent-Bold-1100x400

    © Bold / Saint-Laurent

    Bold frames by Saint-Laurent

    Aquarians have a tendency to live in their own bubble and don’t like to be disturbed when their mind wanders. So, there’s nothing like a nice pair of oversize frames to cut them off from the rest of the world in style. These iconic black frames can also be used to hide the feelings and emotions that the air sign goes to such great lengths to conceal. Embracing their shyness with frames named Bold? Ideal for an Aquarian.

    Available here.

Written by Eleanor Fullalove