8 frames that are perfect for Pisces

Astrology has been mainstream for many years, no longer the preserve of an elite with the ability to read cards and follow the movements of the planets in the solar system. In fact, it’s been democratized to the point of becoming a major component of our pop culture. Our star signs can be very influential in helping to guide us in making decisions, whether linked to our personal or professional lives. So, why shouldn’t we expect them to have an impact on our fashion choices as well? After Aquarius, it’s the turn of Pisces to get their prescription; a carefully selected assortment of frames for their star sign.


© Loewe


© Loewe


© Loewe

Pisces season runs from February 19 to March 20. Those born between those dates are ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, but associated with the element of water as well, just like Cancer and Scorpio. But what personality traits and characteristics are associated with Pisces? And how does their star sign reveal itself in the way they dress?

In trying to define this sign, sensitive would probably be the most revealing word. Pisces feel all the energy that surrounds them. This makes them very intuitive, able to identify trends before anyone else, determine the potential of any piece and develop their own style.

Pisces are also very quiet and introverted, revealing who they are by making use of their tremendous creativity and artistic flair. They like to express themselves through painting, writing, music… and fashion.

  • 1-loewe-eyewear

    © Loewe eyewear

    Paula’s Ibiza by Loewe

    Very much in keeping with the minimalist trend for 2022, these quirky graphic frames remind us of the iconic oval glasses worn by Kurt Cobain in the Nineties. Not only that, but the pristine white design was recently spotted on that most famous of Pisces women, pop star turned entrepreneur, Rihanna, whose every appearance threatens to break the Internet. Coincidentally, she was born on February 20 – as was the poster boy of grunge himself. Clearly, these shades were made for this star sign.

    Available here.

  • 2-lunettes-miumiu

    © Lunettes Miu Miu

    Empiry by Thierry Lasry

    This design by Thierry Lasry comes in a translucent yet deep blue color, reminiscent of the watery world that Pisces feel at one with. Difficult to direct, they feel emotions intensely, and have powerful natural instincts – which is why water is very much their element.

    Available here.

  • 3-lunettes-thierry-lasry

    © Thierry Lasry

    Scenique from Miu Miu

    Pisces are real creatures of the night. Which is hardly surprising when you consider that women born under this sign tend to be dreamers, who often have their heads in the clouds. Embellished with a galaxy of tiny pearls and crystals, these frames from the Italian label call to mind stars in the night sky, waiting to be wished on – which might be one way of bringing dreams to life.

    Available here.

  • 4-lunettes-izipizi

    © Izipizi

    Joyful Cloud from Izipizi

    The French label has created cheerful unisex eyewear in colorful tortoiseshell, recalling the turquoise hues of seas across the globe. Pisces could seize this chance to reconnect with their element by opting for eyewear as cool, creative and travel oriented as they are.

    Available here.

  • 5-lunettes-dior

    © Dior

    D-Doll shades by Dior

    This sweet-looking pair of shades has plenty to appeal to Pisces. The delicate color and soft edges are the perfect match for this romantic sign, while the oversize shape has the added benefit of hiding their shyness, yet adding to their mysterious charm.

    Available here.

  • 6-lunettes-vinyl-factory

    © Vinyl Factory

    Clover by Vinyl Factory

    The French eyewear manufacturer is known for its strong ties with the art world. This rapport is characterized by an identity inspired by music and the fact that every pair pays homage to an artist, making the brand an ideal choice for Pisces. Men born under this sign can often be timid and enjoy using art to both express and reveal who they are. What’s more, the acetate and silver-gray titanium frames remind us of the shiny scales of fish – the emblem of Pisces.

    Available here.

  • 7-lunettes-balenciaga

    © Balenciaga

    Geometric frames by Balenciaga

    With creative director Demna Gvasalia at the helm, the fashion powerhouse symbolizes boundless creativity, pushing boundaries and challenging convention. Each season brings with it ever more innovative and imaginative designs. So, it was only natural that the label chose one of the most famous of celebrity Pisceans, Justin Bieber, as its muse. He recently shared a photo of himself in these edgy futuristic shades on Instagram and we think the statement frames would complement the personality of any Pisces man perfectly.

    Available here.

  • 8-lunettes-histoire-de-voir

    © Histoire De Voir

    Fil 6 by Histoire de Voir

    As you may have realized, Pisces are extremely creative and this trait means they are always on the lookout for innovative pieces to help them create their own look. Histoire de Voir, winners of the First Class prize at the SILMO awards in 2021, specializes in daring and inventive eyewear, elevated by an unusual mix of acetate and leather. In fact, their sensual quality is one they share with Pisces, too.

    Available here.

Written by Éléanor Fullalove