Step up your shades game for Coachella 2023

From 14 to 23 April, all eyes in the fashion world will be on the coolest music festival in the USA: Coachella. In just a few years, the festival has become a reference for fashionistas the world over. No good eccentric look is complete without a pair of sunnies, and you’ll definitely need a shield to protect you from the Californian sunshine. We’ve picked out 7 styles that will have you looking fab for this iconic event marking the start of summer celebrations.

The big Coachella party takes over Indio, a desert valley a few kilometres from Palm Springs, bringing with it extravagance, colour, sparkle and cameras galore to capture and share the most beautiful looks with the entire world. Because at this festival, the fashion often pushes the music out of the spotlight. Every little detail matters and looks are carefully curated to make them Instagram-worthy, allowing everyone to live precariously through the inspo. Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to your festival uniform, a chance to make a statement and it doesn’t hurt that they allow you to stay safe in the sun. But what pairs and trends should you adopt for the two most anticipated weekends of 2023?


© Lunettes Miu Miu

Match Rosalia

One of the headliners at the event, ultra-talented Spanish singer and all-rounder Rosalia turns heads with her fashion-forward wardrobe. She likes to flaunt exceptional vintage Dior sunnies, original styles by Acne and sophisticated shades like Miu Glimpse. These ambitious oval frames can be paired with the chicest to the most ambitious eclectic looks.

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© lunettes Hailey Bieber

Blend in with the it-girls

Whether stageside or by the big wheel, Coachella is just teeming with celebrities. There’s a good chance you’ll bump into popular brand muses, the hottest models right now and the most influential content creators. And there’s one star that has reached the height of fame in all three of these worlds: Hailey Bieber, the it-girl whose style everyone is talking about. All eyes are on her to see what’s hot and what’s not! She has worked with Vogue Eyewear to develop a collection of frames, including these chic, timeless sunnies, the perfect standout piece without being over the top.

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© Lunettes Dior

Celebrate spring

(and pay tribute to Blackpink or Frank Ocean)

Coachella kicks off festival season and what could be better than tangy tones to celebrate spring, the sunny weather and longer days? Check out these baby pink Dior frames which are perfectly in keeping with the festival’s line-up. Jisoo, star of K-pop band Blackpink, is one of the faces of the French brand and Frank Ocean is known for his hits Pink+White and Pink Matter. The vibrant ambiance, the season, the artists…everything you need for a rosy experience.

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© Lunettes I Visionary & Andy Wolf

Get your electro on à la française

Infinity, fruit of the collab between I Visionary and Andy Wold, brings together two eras with its retro aviator shape and futuristic mask design. The style’s flawless aesthetics will elevate looks and have you ready to throw shapes to the beat of The Blaze. This French duo will set the Californian valley on fire with their emotional dance music that is sure to get under your skin.

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© Lunettes Fendi

Don’t walk, run!

It’s the glasses trend you may have spotted on the catwalks or seen sported by celebs like Kim Kardashian and Bad Bunny. Promoted and made popular over the last few decades by sportswear brands like Oakley, running glasses have been given a completely new vibe by luxury brands. Just look at Fendi’s wasabi-coloured mask! Coachella has fun with fashion, its styles and rules, so this trend is sure to be omnipresent.

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© Lunettes Dolce Gabbana

Reach the pinnacle of extravagance

During the festival, Indio becomes a giant stage where it’s all about showing off the quirkiest looks you can imagine. All of those original pieces that you have tucked away at the back of your wardrobe, just in case, can come to life at Coachella, the Kingdom of cool and audacity. These Dolce & Gabbana glasses perfectly embody the mindset of this open-air party. Adorned with thousands of crystals, they’re really a work of art just sitting on your nose, adding luxurious glitz and eccentricity to any look.

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© Lunettes Mykita

MAXimum protection

Protect yourself from the sun, dust and potential signs of tiredness with a pair of mask sunglasses. Mykita and German dress designer Bernhard Willhelm came together to create the stunning Satori frames with XXL fashion potential, a fitting choice for the cult festival of the country where it’s all about go big or go home.

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Written by Joy McCain