To each sport its own eyewear

Exercise has many health benefits, but before you get started, you need to be kitted out correctly. For some years now, eyewear brands have been stepping up their efforts and inventiveness in developing products for various specific conditions – so you can exercise without giving your glasses a second thought. Find the ideal eyewear for your preferred form of exercise


© Demetz (à gauche) / Ekoi (à droite)

Walking the walk with Demetz

Walking has to be the easiest exercise for most people to find time for. But when it comes to getting active in the great outdoors and losing yourself in nature, the right glasses can be very useful. Demetz makes sports frames that athletes love, incorporating technology for outdoor activities in stylish urban designs like the Landmark; frames you can wear for the mountains, in the forest, on the coast, as well in the city.

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Ready for the Tour with Ekoi

The French brand is a benchmark for the keen cyclist, offering a whole range of products, from clothing through to shoes and glasses. The Premium 90 Star frames are real gems, combining style and technology. Pro cyclists such as Warren Barguil and Nacer Bouhanni have also worn them for various stages of the Giro d’Italia, as well as for the Tour de France. At 29g, they are featherlight, plus the five-vent lens prevents them from fogging up, with their colorful and futuristic look worthy of mention too!

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© Arena (à gauche) / Oakley (à droite)

Winners in the water from Arena

Before diving in the deep end and showing off your front crawl, butterfly and breaststroke, think about protecting your eyes from chemicals like chlorine in the water. Appropriate eyewear is highly recommended to protect both your eyes and your vision, helping you make your way to the other side of the pool. The Arena brand is a popular choice for the pool, offering an innovative and adjustable mask that wraps around swimmers’ faces. Its soft silicone seals ensure optimal comfort and even more importantly, keep all the water out.

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Game, set and match at Oakley

They might not be part of the usual dress code, but glasses are becoming increasingly common on the tennis court. Not only do the accessories prevent the weather from distracting the wearer, they can also stop grass and dirt from getting into their eyes and help them maintain a clear field of vision for hitting the ball and scoring points. Which is why the best advice is to look for frames that are comfortable, lightweight and high-performance – like Oakley’s pristine Radar EV Path. Owing to their clear lenses, you need never take your eyes off your opponent.

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© Easun (à gauche) / Salomon (à droite)

In the starting position with Eassun

Running is one of the most affordable exercises around, especially as all you need is a safe path to get going. However, the more kilometers you cover, the harder it gets and the more likely you are to need some special kit. Running outside exposes you to the elements, like the wind, the cold, the rain, as well as the sun. So, protect yourself with frames like Eassun’s Marathon model, which stands out for its anti-fog ventilation system, adjustable nose, affordable price tag and minimalist design, not to mention its rimless rainbow-colored mask-effect lens.

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Ski style by Salomon

Summer is barely at an end and talk has already turned to snow! But vacations in the mountains call for special equipment to ensure your safety. If you intend to go gliding through the powder, you need to be properly dressed for the occasion; think ski suit, jacket, shoes, helmet… not forgetting ski goggles – essential to protect you from the wind, snow and sun, which is especially bright up in the mountains. Salomon is well-known to winter sports enthusiasts and its Aksium 2.0 mask is perfect for skiing and boarding in good conditions, combining comfort, durability, protection and style.

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Written by Eleanor Fullalove