Ski goggles: 10 stylish designs worth seeing

All-important accessories for winter sports enthusiasts, ski goggles are far from being gadgets just to show off on the slopes. Packed with technology, they have to ensure excellent visibility and the optimal protection of our eyes in all weather. Here we explore the most efficient and most stylish designs around.

The elements are rarely our best friends – and at high altitudes, the weather can change quickly. Cold, snow, rain, wind, fog, or blinding sunshine… we want to conquer them all if we can. So, get booted up and ready to take in some of the best ski goggles you can buy.

Tips for finding the right ski goggles

The best ski goggles need to combine protection, vision and comfort with style. Choose a category ranging from 0 to 4, depending on the sunlight. Options include tinted lenses, a polarizing treatment, a photochromic system and interchangeable lenses. To avoid snow blindness, the screen on your goggles needs to protect your eyes from UV rays (even on cloudy days), while still allowing enough light to pass through to help you steer clear of any patches of ice.

You want comfort, combining safety and an optimal view, without fogging – but with optimized colors and contrasts. As for shape, it’s not just about looks. Your field of vision will depend on the curvature of the screen and its size. And as when shopping for clothes, it pays to try things on.

  • 1-cebe-1100x400

    © Cébé

    Attraction ski goggles, Cébé x Superdry – €150

    Delivering a premium visual experience whatever the weather, the magnetic technology specialist has incorporated Superdry branding into the unique design of this capsule collection.

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  • 2-celine-1100x400

    © Céline

    Studded ski goggles, CELINE Eyewear – €450

    Made in Italy, with a logoed jacquard strap and shiny studs on black polycarbonate, these Céline goggles are must-haves with serious style credentials.

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  • 3-demetz-1100x400

    © Demetz

    Spin ski goggles, Demetz – €150

    With its super stylish denim strap and faux leather badge, the model worn by Yoann Stuck comes with two magnetic interchangeable lenses and an Opticob clip. Demetz has specialized in sports glasses for 65 years and makes it possible to ski in all weathers – even when the sun is shining brightly, or when corrective lenses are required.

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  • 4-salomon-1100x400

    © Salomon

    Radium Pro Sigma ski goggles, Salomon – €180

    The latest addition to Salomon’s frameless goggles, their spherical SIGMA™ lens improves contrast and provides an ultrawide field of vision – without the slightest trace of fog.

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  • 5-uvex-swarovski-1100x400

    © Uvex / Swarovski

    Downhill 2100 ski goggles, UVEX x Swarovski – €249

    Opt for the latest glamourous goggles from the exclusive collaboration between Uvex and Swarovski, if you want to shine on the slopes. With their pavé crystals and Colorvision system, they really are brilliant – in every sense of the word!

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  • 6-zeiss-1100x400

    © Zeiss

    Blue Sky ZEISS interchangeable ski goggles – €145

    All the expertise of the German lens manufacturer can be found in its high-performance ski goggles – now available in new colors. As an added bonus, they can easily be clipped onto corrective lenses too.

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  • 7-bolle-1100x400

    © Bollé

    Torus ski goggles, Bollé – €140

    Enjoy an extra wide field of view without distortion, thanks to the revolutionary Volt lens. These ski goggles are designed to provide an unforgettable experience with 30% color enhancement.

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  • 8-dragon-1100x400

    © Dragon

    PXV Signature 2021 ski mask, Dragon x Bryan Iguchi – €209

    The PXV model may be at the top in terms of technology, but this season, it’ll also appeal to fans of artist and snowboarder, Bryan Iguchi. His colorful and unique designs feature on the arty strap.

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  • 9-julbo-1100x400

    © Julbo

    Aerospace ski goggles, Julbo – €214.90

    These are some of our favorites for the perfect ski day, owing to their anti-fog system, spherical photochromic lens and all-round comfort… both uphill and downhill.

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  • 10-oakley-1100x400

    © Oakley

    Flight Deck™ M Mikaela Shiffrin snow goggles, Oakley – €211

    Take your style lead on the slopes from Mikaela Shiffrin. Inspired by the northern lights, the American champion has given the latest version of the famous Flight Deck M a very feminine and graphic look.

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Written by Eleanor Fullalove