How to stop your mask steaming up your glasses?

Now that wearing a mask is becoming compulsory in more and more places, there’s one problem that really needs a solution: how to stop the steam that covers up our lenses. Here are our tips for a clear-sighted start to the new season.

It’s a problem that affects both glasses and sunglasses alike: as soon as you put on your mask, the lenses start to steam up as the hot air you breathe out rises and condenses on the cooler glass. But with the threat of Covid-19 and the current regulations, taking off the mask is not an option. But unless you have contact lenses, taking off your glasses isn’t an option either. So what’s the solution?

Wash your glasses with soap

The easiest way to clean your glasses is with the specially-made cloths sold at opticians and in supermarkets. But to avoid condensation, you can wash them with soap and water, the combination that is also our best defense against the virus when used to wash our hands. Let your lenses air dry or dry gently with a paper tissue. Some people also suggest cleaning with shaving foam before running under warm water.

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Position your mask correctly

Some people wear it under their nose, others under their chin, but there is only one correct way to wear it: from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin, and without touching it while wearing it. To avoid any steam, the mask needs to be close against your skin so if your mask is too big, you can adjust it around your ears. You can also block the hot air from escaping by placing your glasses on top of the mask.

Choose a mask that clips to your nose

Some masks sold in pharmacies and online have metal clips inside which hold onto the nose and help limit the amount of hot air that escapes out the top. If you make your masks yourself, you can stitch one inside. Just press down on the clip once the mask is positioned correctly to keep it in place.


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Add accessories

There are several ways to stop your glasses from fogging up with steam and using a tissue is one of them. Fold up a paper tissue and place it between your face and the mask, above your mouth and below your nose, and the steam will be absorbed as you breathe out. Anyone who loves running will also know that anti-steam sprays are also very effective, or you can find discrete aluminium nose clips that you can use on top of the mask. Medical students have an innovative solution, sticking the mask to the top of their noses with sticking plaster that can be found in pharmacies. Maybe people will laugh, but your lenses will be steam free!

Written by Josh Arnold