lool revisits the basics for back to school

The Spanish brand is back with a host of new products to celebrate the end of the summer and the beginning of the new season. Get ready for two new lines, with brand new combinations, plenty of colors and the clean graphics that make the brand stand out, in lool’s Fall-Winter 2022 collection.


The Catalan company Etnia Eyewear Culture stated its plans for growth and ambition to become one of the great references in eyewear, just a few months ago. Part of this strategy was to launch three innovative and appealing new labels to join the historic Etnia Barcelona stable: Allpoets, specializing in trendy frames, The Readers designed for bookworms, and lool, an ambitious brand that relies on cutting-edge technology and an attractive, pared-back style. Since then, all three have been turning heads in the eyewear world.

After a light and airy first collection and the development of the minimalist Cromalyt model, lool is back with new frames that play with the well-defined codes of the brand. The result is a series of reworked signature designs and some intriguing newness.


© Lool Eyewear

Research stations

Behind the sobriety of the label’s frames, lies a great deal of innovation, testing and patience to produce models full of finesse, with the future hidden in every detail.

The brand first became known for its innovative hinges and lightweight frames, but for its first winter season, it’s focusing on the classics, with the extension of the Cromalyt Titanium range, with added personality thanks to a punchy new color palette that represents a break from the brand’s low-key identity.

A new category combines two materials that lool already loves to use: Sandvik stainless steel for the arms and Cromalyt for the rest of the frames. This Rilsan-based component, a polyamide derived from castor oil, is regularly used by lool to bring lightness, flexibility and most importantly, durability to its products.

With this new launch, the label demonstrates once again, that serious research and development of surprising new technologies is a guiding principle.

As a company brimming with ideas supported by carefully thought-out and highly aesthetic campaigns, lool could be called the ultimate eyewear geek.


© Lool Eyewear

Built to be colorful

In some Nordic countries; the minimalist trend has become a way of life, so it’s surprising too see a brand rooted in the Spanish sun, sea and sand capturing the essence of this vision so effectively, to offer detailed frames with controlled curves and gorgeous colors.

lool cites architecture as its main design inspiration, for its perfect lines calculated to the millimeter, and also the image that fits so well into each landscape.

For Fall-Winter, it offers geometric shapes with well-defined contours, round for the Bevel and Zefi models, square for the Mizar but also hexagonal, on the Eave frames.

After having introduced us to a palette of colors full of solid, uniform basics, the label has now taken a turn to offer models combine different materials and renderings.

Look to the Tiaki frames, for a mash-up of tortoiseshell lens edges and gold effect arms and bridge, while the Wire frame has the same combination but darker, in a rectangular-shaped frame.

Proof that creative direction focused on the essentials does not need to be boring.

Written by Kate Matthams