Lool, minimalist style focused on technology

Having been launched with great fanfare, Etnia Eyewear Culture group’s Lool brand continues to demonstrate its unique style with the CROMALYT Beta Titanium reconfirming its commitment to pushing the boundaries in eyewear and developing frames that live up to customers’ expectations. Discover the Spanish brand’s delicate, comfortable and refined new collection…


Lool is the new brand from the Catalan company Etnia Eyewear Culture, which includes iconic brand Etnia Barcelona, The Readers – aimed at bookworms, and AllPoets – the perfect blend of fashionable and sustainable.

Its focus on the essential makes for flawlessly styled frames with quirky hidden details. The latter cannot be seen at first glance, but closer examination allows you to appreciate the dynamism and ambition behind the choice of each material, each temple, each hinge, as well as each pair of frames.


© Lool / Cromalyt Edition

Less is more

For Lool, minimalistic does not mean simplistic. Its designs may be understated, but the technology behind them is more complex than it looks. Of course, the brand’s most notable achievement relates to the weight of its glasses. Owing to their unique composition, they weigh a feather-light 4 grams. For CROMALYT, its new collection, the brand has primarily focused on Rilsan frames. This polyamide derived from castor oil is renowned for being natural and renewable, as well as for the absence of anything bad for users’ health, not to mention its incredible flexibility. Beta-titanium was chosen for the temples, coming in at just 1.2mm in diameter and combining lightness and strength for a premium, durable finish with real polish. The result are glasses you can actually forget you are wearing – and they won’t leave marks, either.

Among other secrets, the brand created a research group in the interests of innovation, developing and patenting tech for tomorrow; the kind that invigorates the optical world, while challenging the status quo. For CROMALYT, Lool labs developed a new hinge that combines the low density of beta-titanium with the strength of nylon to optimize the structure of its glasses. This strengthening is advantageous in helping to ensure they stand the test of time. They may be light, but they are strong too!


© Lool / Cromalyt Edition

Chromatic direction

The exclusive CROMALYT range is part of the Tectonic collection, which stands out for its timeless frames in all sorts of cool colors – and with their sleek curves and predominantly round or rectangular shapes and delicate temples, the latest understated designs are no exception. Available in 11 different colors, ranging from the classic black and clear, to the peppier pink, orange and green, this flair is what Etnia is known for; across all four brands and their collections, vibrancy and originality are key.

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Written by Eleanor Fullalove