Five eyewear brands that are the pride of Barcelona

The architecture, the kilometers of beaches along the coast, the cuisine, the street art – not forgetting the designers… Barcelona has it all, as one of the sunniest and liveliest cities in Europe. Now experience its incredible energy through the work of five labels founded in the capital of Catalonia. These are the labels that make Barcelona so iconic among eyewear aficionados:


© Lunettes Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona, the forerunner

It was back in 1950 that Fulgencio Ramo established his first sunglasses factory. Almost 50 years later, his grandson David Pellicier decided to launch his own label… and Etnia Barcelona was born. Its strong identity draws on color, art and the hustle and bustle of Gaudí’s city – influences that can be felt in every one of the collections. Among them are those given over to the late American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, the party island of Ibiza and the legendary David Bowie. This fall/winter 2021, Etnia Barcelona will be building on these success stories by introducing the new Mambo range, inspired by partying, dancing, freedom and the district of El Raval in Barcelona that epitomizes this euphoric mood.

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© Lunettes Zen eyewear

ZEN, the unexpected

The name may inspire calm and tranquility, but ZEN is a brand that likes to play with convention, creating eyewear for “people who seek to escape monotony”. As well as being fun, creative and cheerful, the company remains nevertheless committed to its expertise and values quality above all else. Alongside premium materials like Mazzuchelli (Japanese acetate), such ambition calls for sustained attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of quality. Take a look at the new Diversity means Nature campaign for some perfect examples of its super-sophisticated and cutting-edge designs.

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© Lunettes Woodys

Woodys, the planet-friendly

The Woodys brand started life in 2013 and owes its beginnings to wakeskating. Woodys founder and president Josep Dosta really struggled to find glasses that could keep up with his favorite water sport. However, after doing plenty of research into eyewear production, he found the answer he was looking for in the wakeboard itself – which is how the brand’s first frames came to be made from recycled boards. It continues to select top quality innovative materials today. In demonstrating its commitment to driving positive long-term change within the eyewear industry, the brand is addressing its environmental impact by reducing the amount of single use plastic in its shipments and using packing materials made from biodegradable materials. It also uses bio-acetate and recycled acetate, allowing Woodys to recover the acetate from its own frames and use it to create new colors and patterns. In fact, its signature colors give the brand its edge, having succeeded in creating color combinations over the years that are elegant and sophisticated – not to mention unique.

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© Lunettes Gigi Studios

GIGI Studios, the heritage pieces

“Eclectic, cutting-edge, traditional and innovative” is how president and artistic director Patricia Ramo describes GIGI Studios. Glasses are a family affair for her, a passion spanning three generations. Aged 21, she started working with her father – and so began her involvement in the family business. Having made some changes, she is now carrying on the tradition and helping to keep the legacy alive. From the start, the aim was to create a leading global brand with attention to detail, rigorous quality control and a constant desire to improve being key to moving forward.
To achieve this, the ambitious president joined forces with other professionals in the optical industry and together, the team works to the highest standards in a creative, youthful and international environment. To see that, you only need look at the designs by the brand, which has managed to establish itself in more than 45 countries thanks to its fashion-forward frames combining innovative design and respect for craftsmanship.

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© Lunettes Project Lobster

Project Lobster, the new wave

The final label helping to cement Barcelona’s reputation for eyewear. Established in 2018, Project Lobster is a young company – not least because the average age of its team members is 28. Its goal is “to ignite change in a conventional, rigid and outdated industry. Like the lobster does, we push ourselves to constantly get out of our comfort zone”. This radical and unambiguous ambition can be clearly seen in Project Lobster’s work, interactions and designs. The brand offers a range of ultra-desirable eyewear, from the timeless Rapha frames to the trendier Numero Seis shades. Low, fixed prices ensure they are accessible to as many people as possible.

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Written by Eleanor Fullalove