Power couple: the iconic eyewear of David and Victoria Beckham

They’re the most popular duo of the last few decades. Ever since they met in the 1990s, David and Victoria Beckham have been making paparazzi cameras flash and fans daydream. But they also intrigue the fashion industry and its leading players thanks to their original, daring looks, which range from bling-bling to chic, but always in line with the dominant trends of the time. With the release of the Beckham documentary series on Netflix, EYESEEmag delved into the archives to retrace the celebrity couple’s iconic styles and eyewear. Get ready for a spellbinding show!

In the Beckham family, we have David, an English soccer icon who began his career with Manchester United before moving to Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain, the French capital’s club, where he decided to end his professional career. His style of play, his success, his appearance, and his ever-evolving style (particularly through his haircuts) captured the attention of fans, major brands, fashion magazines, and his future wife Victoria.

She was a member of one of the most popular girl bands on the planet, the Spice Girls. Accompanied by four other members, she traveled the world and earned her stripes as a fashion diva through her Posh Spice persona. From the much-publicized moment they fell in love, the couple had to fight to survive and protect themselves from countless critics. And now that they’ve put away their cleats and microphones, they’re thriving in the fashion world. Victoria Beckham heads up an empire that includes a make-up brand, a premium clothing label in tune with the Quiet Luxury trend, and an eyewear label.

Meanwhile, David founded Inter Miami FC and continues to make his mark on both football, while also stirring things up in the fashion world as head of his own brand, Eyewear by David Beckham.

A winning team, with two very unique backstories, yet a shared passion for style. Here’s a closer look at their most iconic looks.


The early days of their relationship created such a buzz that the couple were constantly followed by the British paparazzi. At their workplaces, in front of their homes, and even at the airport between flights, they needed a good pair of glasses to protect them from the incessant camera flashes. Here, they’re both wearing small frames that ooze 1990s style, with dark-brown smoked lenses for Victoria and minimalist, Matrix-style glasses for David.

Street Style

While best known for their extravagant looks, the couple have also mastered more neutral styles. These can be made up of perfect basics like well-cut jeans, a little black or white top, a cap for staying incognito, and little round glasses – a firm favorite.

That’s so 2000

The start of the new millennium was the heyday for bling-bling, endless accessories, and displays of opulence. An era that the power couple mastered to perfection, mixing contrasting inspirations that, surprisingly, always matched. The only things they had in common were black oversize glasses, and some of Posh’s picks were almost masks!


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A royal couple

In England, after the royals, the most popular family is unsurprisingly the Beckhams. Often invited to prestigious ceremonies, they caused a sensation at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Skilled at adapting to every era and occasion, they mastered the codes of elegance. Victoria wore a navy blue mid-length dress with a delicately slit neckline (although which still fired up the most prudish English commentators), while David succeeded in making the tailcoat suit fashionable again, complete with Clubmaster-inspired glasses.


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Always on the front row

June 2023, French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus presented his latest collection in the gardens of the Château de Versailles. Among the illustrious guests, the duo were comfortably seated in the beautiful boats used to house the show’s audience. In keeping with the summer mood, they proved that personal style is often the best. Victoria Beckham caused a sensation with a daring combination of a flowing pastel dress and ultra-dark “shield” glasses, both from her eponymous label, while the ex-soccer star paid tribute to the Marseille-based designer’s work while adding his own personal touch with glasses from his own brand.

By always managing to reinvent themselves, the two stars have continued to build on their iconic status – a special position which they seem determined to preserve, much to the delight of fans and fashion enthusiasts the world over.


written by Charlotte Médot

rewritten in english by Alexander Uff