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The new smart glasses for 2024

Over the last ten years, smart glasses have transformed the way we see and do things. Listening to music, making calls, taking photos and videos, geolocation, intuitive browsing, fitness tracking, interpreting images, high-tech medical uses… We could go on! In just a short space of time, smart glasses have further pushed back the limits of wearable technology. So, what are your best choices in 2024? Here’s a quick overview of the advances made and products to look out for this year.

Smart glasses and augmented reality

Being all-seeing and all-knowing is already possible thanks to your glasses, and in the future, we’ll be spending even more time in virtual reality. Smart cycling glasses display various details on their lenses: GPS navigation, distance travelled, speed, elevation… Some versions even translate signs and provide product information. Real time interaction with the environment is becoming even smoother. Just take the second generation Ray-Ban stories smart glasses by Facebook. In-built generative AI accesses the cameras to read and interpret images and answer our questions. And all you have to do is say “Hey Meta”.


© Image réalisé avec ChatGPT4 / EYESEEmag

Who said smart glasses can’t be comfy and stylish?

Unlike previous generations, in 2024 smart glasses are as comfortable and stylish as traditional prescription glasses. For sportswear styles, manufacturers focus on ergonomics and lightness paying particular attention to the temples and nose. They may be packed with technology, but you’ll hardly notice they’re there, something you can rarely say about urban styles. Their fine, elegant design in iconic shapes, make them on-trend and irresistible.

Better battery life

If you really want to make the most of the technology in these glasses, then battery life matters. It has increased considerably and most models can now be used all day without being recharged.  More effective batteries and optimised operating systems mean that certain smart glasses promise 16 hours of battery life for a charge time of around 3 hours.

Smart and interactive

Smart glasses are constantly evolving for the better, with built-in captors in their temples, GPS trackers, advanced voice commands and gesture recognition. Users can enjoy an unprecedented intuitive hands-free experience. So, does this mark the end of the trusty smartphone? Not quite. For now at least, these glasses still need to be connected to a smartphone or watch to manage your calls, messages and notifications.


© image réalisée avec ChatGPT4 : EYESEEmag

Smart glasses for healthcare

Naturally, these innovations are being put to good use in the healthcare sector. Numerous surgeons are using them as a tool to operate while their colleagues watch remotely, and have the opportunity to give their opinion and even point at and draw on the image. A&E doctors and  nurses can communicate patients’ vital signs in real time and be offered guidance from specialists, while working hands-free. The medical possibilities are endless. Curing autism, addictions, phobias… Recently, two students from the university of Le Havre developed smart glasses which are helping the visual impaired to live more independently.

How do smart glasses respect privacy and security?

With the arrival of AI, smart glasses are arousing curiosity but also their fair share of worry. And rightly so, given the huge amount of data they collect. Manufacturers have no option but to take these matters extremely seriously. To protect our personal data, they have incorporated advanced security features such as data encryption and access controls.

Tempted yet? Well don’t pick your pair until you’ve checked out our selection. In 2024, you’ll have numerous options to help digitise and simplify your everyday life. Those already accessible to consumers include:

A pair of Moverio BT-40s augmented reality glasses with a black and transparent headband connected by a cable to a black smartphone.

© Moverio

A collage of three images showing a pair of black smart glasses on a textured surface, a smiling woman wearing glasses, and another woman in a prayerful posture wearing the same glasses.

© Fauna

A pair of Rokid augmented reality glasses set against a snowy landscape background, with a gray frame and translucent black lenses.

© Rokid

Timeless functionality with Fauna

Austrian brand Fauna proposes chic and classic bone conduction frames that can be worn every day and used to stay in contact with friends and family even when you have your hands full.

Available here.

Japanese excellence by Epson

Known for its printers, the electronics brand also makes high-tech headsets and glasses. The Moverio BT-40S all-in-one smart glasses allow users to experience digital content with high-quality images and unique comfort.

Available here.

Lightness by Rokid

Rokid’s new featherlight creation christened Rokid Max promises advanced augmented reality features and a futuristic design that fits in perfectly with the current landscape.

A pair of Lenovo augmented reality glasses placed on a table next to a laptop displaying images of desert landscapes.

© Lenovo

A woman wearing a patterned top and Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses, framing her face with her hands in a framing gesture.

© RayBan Stories

A pair of Ruimen smart sunglasses with a thick black frame and tinted lenses resting on a white background.

© Ruimen

The epitome of effectiveness with Lenovo

The ThinkReality A3 frames allow you to create and personalise your own workspace using augmented reality. The bonus? They adapt to your needs and head shape.

Available here.

Simple but high-tech with Ruimen

Smart sunglasses with a smart voice feature, built to last but not break the bank.

Available here.

The must-have Ray-Ban Stories

When eyewear giant Ray-Ban joins forces with Facebook, you get these fab glasses equipped with cameras and microphones. Exactly what you need to share your everyday life on social media.

Available here.


© Echo Frames

Effective but subtle by Amazo

The e-commerce giant is behind the Echo Frames, a stunningly lightweight pair of glasses with a neutral style and most importantly Alexa to guarantee an immersive audio experience.

A pair of Vuzix augmented reality glasses with a sturdy black frame and thick arms on a white background.

© Vuzik

Vuzix’s high-tech glasses

Designed for professionals, this brand’s smart glasses are equipped with a noise-reducing microphone, camera, and most importantly a micro-LED display on the lenses.

Available here.


© Julbo

Stay connected as you train with Julbo

Renowned for its ski masks, Julbo also designs high-tech products such as EVAD-1. Boasting See Through technology, they allow you to exercise while keeping an eye on your time, heart rate or speed.

Available here.


© Focals by Borth

North aims to please

Canadian start-up North has developed an affordable pair of smart glasses, the classic Focals frames. They offer attractive features such as Bluetooth connectivity and Amazon’s vocal assistant Alexa.

A young man carrying a backpack and wearing Huawei Eyewear 2 smart glasses on a bike in front of skyscrapers.

© Huawaï

Black smart glasses with tinted lenses and slim arms, showing a button and connection ports on the side of the frame.

© Xreal

A close-up of a pair of Solos smart glasses with a sleek black frame, featuring subtle orange accents near the temples

© Solos

Huawei’s big comeback

Chinese tech giant Huawei is back with a new pair of glasses, Eyewear 2. These futuristic frames flaunt sophisticated style codes while offering better sound.

Available here.

Never lost in translation with Solos

Airgo 3 set itself the hefty goal of eliminating the language barrier. Its secret? Using ChatGPT and Whisper to translate conversations in real time.

Available here.

Xreal’s state-of-the-art glasses

Xreal has just announced a new version of its star product. Air 2 Ultra promises an immersive experience with a wider field of vision and the presence of two cameras to better track your own movements.

Available here.


© Revo Sonic

The crème de la crème by Revo

Ultra-lightweight, exceptional sound, unrivalled battery life (up to 11 hours of non-stop music), not to mention the brand’s famous polarised lenses. Revo has left nothing to chance with its latest SONIC frames.

Available here.

The smart glasses market is fast-moving with endless references that can adapt to all consumer profiles. So, it’s hardly surprising that’s big companies like Apple and Samsung want to join in the fun and the race is on to become the leading brand in this sector. Rumour has it that the Korean brand is preparing to launch its smart glasses, while Apple plans to release its Apple Glasses within the next few years.

As we start the new year, smart glasses have reached a significant milestone in terms of technology, comfort and practical features. Get ready for the next chapter in the story of smart wearable devices and accessories.

Written by Yanita Kostova & Charlotte Médot
Rewritten in english by Joy McCain