The Top Ski Goggles and Masks for Glasses-Wearers

Soft powder, blue skies, the crisp mountain breeze in your face as you sweep downhill… Skiing and snowboarding are a chance for exhilaration in some of the most majestic landscapes nature has to offer. But making sure that your eyes are adequately protected from the sun on snow-covered slopes is key.

Snow reflects and intensifies the sun’s UV rays, which can elevate the risk of snow blindness and even long-term eye damage, while biting winds and snowfall can cause discomfort and affect visibility. Investing in ski goggles with UV protection is also essential to shield the eyes against harmful UV rays and prevent the discomfort caused by snow glare.

Specially designed sunglasses, ski masks and goggles all provide maximum coverage, but what can you do when you wear glasses? Fortunately, two solutions are currently available for glasses-wearers who love snow sports:

Over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles, which are designed to accommodate regular glasses underneath, so you can maintain clear vision on the slopes while shielding your eyes.

Ski goggle inserts, with your own prescription, which slide into all kinds of ski goggles and ski masks for versatile eye protection.

From ski goggle inserts, to mountaineering sunglasses, Here are seven ways to enjoy the thrill of the slopes this year if you wear glasses.


© Oakley

Oakley goggle prescription inserts

Designed to fit inside any pair of Oakley ski goggles, the brand’s prescription inserts are made to order with your own prescription and can be clipped inside your favorite Oakley ski goggles, keeping you safe on the slopes this year.


© Mackage

Mackage x Yniq Mylan ski goggles

You can also choose a universal prescription insert to fit any googles you like. Just released for Winter 23/24, is a new collaboration from luxury outerwear brand Mackage and craft eyewear company Yniq, which combines Yniq’s Peripheral Vision and top quality, durable lenses, in performance ski goggles which look just as good off the mountain as they do on-piste.


© Smith


© Smith

Smith over-the-glasses goggles

Smith Optics’ over-the-glasses goggles are a simple and effective solution for experienced skiers. Designed with extra room at the temples to fit your own regular glasses underneath, the Sequence OTG is available in a range of cool colors.


© Bollé


© Bollé

Les meilleures lunettes de ski et masques pour les porteurs de lunettes

© Bollé


You’ll stand out on the mountain in Bollé’s Bedrock ski goggles in carmine red, with 100% UV protection and a high-vis design which means they’ll see you coming. Yellow light-filtering for maximum comfort, the anti-fog double lens comes with an extra layer of cushioning foam, to allow you to keep your glasses on underneath.


© Demetz


© Demetz


The Edged goggles, from sports vision eyewear specialist Demetz, offers two solutions for snow-loving glasses-wearers. The generously sized goggles, with anti-fog treatment and category 1-3 photochromic green tinted lens, can either be worn over glasses or fitted with one of the brand’s optical inserts with prescription lenses.


© Julbo


The French brand’s Lightyear OTG ski goggles JULBO are super stylish, with a bombé shape and choice of color tints that will see you turn heads on the mountain. The reactive photochromic lens darkens and lightens automatically depending on weather conditions, while the magnetic SuperFlow Pro ventilation system means you can say goodbye to fogging.


© Sunski


© Sunski


© Sunski

Mountaineering glasses by Sunski

For days when you don’t need full ski goggles, look for mountaineering glasses with polarized lenses to tackle glare. Sunski makes some of the best-looking on the market, with interchangeable magnetic side shields in stylish colors, designed to block glare, reduce fogging and match with their deliciously retro frames. We love the Treeline frame, available in a choice of colorways, with lenses made from durable, environmentally friendly cellulose. Adapt with your own prescription and you’re ready to do.

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