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Smart Contact Lenses: The How and When

With Google, Samsung and Sony all throwing their hats into the ring, the tech giants have their eyes on opticals. But despite several high-profile announcements, smart contact lenses are still not off the ground. EYESEEmag looks at why.



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Sony and Samsung are moving into smart “camera” contact lenses

It might sound incredible, but contact lenses that allow you to take photos and videos of what you can see in front of you is exactly what brands Sony and Samsung have in mind, with two new concepts for smart contact lenses.

The lenses would be activated by the movements of the eye. Powered by the eyelids, the intelligent lenses could literally recharge in the blink of an eye.

Samsung is aiming to take things even further. As well as taking photos, the Korean brand’s smart lenses would be equipped with a screen to display web-based information.

For the moment, the two brands have only trademarked the concepts. And although we’re in little doubt that they will one day come to fruition, it’s hard to say when.



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Verily puts its smart lenses for diabetics project on hold

In healthcare, Verily, a subsidiary of Google umbrella Alphabet dedicated to scientific research, has been working for the past five years on lenses that can measure the glucose level in the tears of the person wearing them. It looks set to be an invention that could change the lives of diabetes sufferers.

Unfortunately, after several rounds of clinical trials, the teams have put the project on hold because for the moment, the technology is not advanced enough to take satisfactory measurements.

Despite this, Verily is continuing to work towards smart lenses, as confirmed by Brian Otis, the company’s CTO: “We continue our focus on smart contact and intraocular lenses.”

Smart lenses are coming, slowly but surely.