Prudensee, a pair of glasses to prevent drivers falling asleep at the wheel ?

French Tech made waves at the 2018 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, with one innovation particularly standing out for us: smart glasses that help fight drowsy driving.

© Ellcie-Healthy – €250

Innovation Made in France

The company behind this innovation is French: Ellcie-Healthy, a start-up helmed by Philippe Peyrard, former general manager of the brand Atol.

Driven by the fact that falling asleep at the wheel is the leading cause of fatal accidents on the freeway, the new technologies expert set up a team in Nice and started work on the smart frames that could help.

Produced end-to-end in France, Ellcie-Healthy’s smart glasses obtained Origine France Garantie certification in December 2017.

But how does it work?

The arms of the glasses are equipped with sensors that pick up on drops in attention levels from the driver, alerting the wearer with a sound or a red light to signal danger to other passengers in the car.

With a battery life of 17 hours, the glasses can also be linked to an app that gathers specific information like how long they have been worn for, geolocalisation and break lengths, and signals drops in attention.

After use, they can be recharged in their box in just three hours.