New Ways To Try On Glasses

Bright lights, lots of onlookers, too much choice. It’s perhaps something you haven’t spent much time thinking about, but what if there was a better way to try on glasses? With the help of technological innovations, these brands are bringing something new to the table and revolutionizing the way we try on glasses.


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Try Your Glasses On Virtually

Many retailers now allow you to visualize what your frames would look like on your face via virtual reality. First you select the model you’d like to try, thenusing your computer’s integrated camera, you can see how they would look on your face. No webcam? No problem! The technology also works on photos.

Some retailers, like Optic 2000 go even further and can help you narrow down the frames best suited to your hair or eye color, age, or even style. Based on your answers to a short questionnaire, the tool suggests a selection of glasses to then try virtually.

From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

More and more brands are adopting a ‘Try At Home’ service. French brand Sensee allows you to select four frames you’d like to try. They’ll deliver them to your home where you’ll then have ten days to try on the glasses, ask the opinions of your friends and family and make sure they work withthe rest of your closet before making a final decision.

Bring The Optician To You

For the ultimate personalized experience, why not have an expert drop by your home to advise you? Les Lunettes de Louisette will send an optician to your house armed with a selection of frames to try. After the consultation, the optician can also take your measurements for any adjustments that need to be made. Your glasses will then be made to order and sent to your home.


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Opt For Something Entirely Personalized

Rather than spending hours choosing the right pair of glasses that actually fit your face, why not start with a frames that designed specially for you? Yuniku by Hoya Vision uses 3D scanners and advancedalgorithms to custom-fit lenses and frames according to your needs and measurements, streamlining the entire process.