Grégory’s advice for choosing the right glasses for a round face

Finding glasses that enhance a round face doesn’t have to be a headache. To guide you towards the ideal choice of frames, EYESEEmag consulted the makeup expert, Grégory Vissac. With his passionate approach and unique know-how, he shares his essential tips for those looking to harmonize their glasses with a rounded face.

EYESEEmag: How would someone figure out if they have a round-shaped face or not?

Grégory Vissac: If you can’t identify the shape of your face, simply look at several points: the temples, cheekbones, and jawline. Then visually connect these points. By doing this, you can draw the contours of your face and see what shape they create. Many opticians are trained facialists, so they can help you if you’re unfamiliar with these techniques.

And after identifying your face shape, what style of eyewear should you look for?

Whatever your facial features, the most important thing is to have well-proportioned frames. The eyes should be centered in the lenses. For example, if you have close-set eyes, opticians will use frames with larger hinges to balance everything out and create a harmonious ensemble. Then there’s the overall shape. Glasses will either enhance or overshadow the face. The aim is to enhance everything by contrasting with the person’s features.

Extravagant style glasses with round black frames, pink and green temples and turquoise details.

© Anne et Valentin

Stylish eyeglasses with a large square black frame and tortoise shell patterned temples.

© Caroline Abram

Contemporary eyeglasses with rectangular metal frames in lemon yellow.

© Théo

People who wear glasses can be left feeling overwhelmed by all the models offered by designers. How do you give advice and point them in the right direction?

In our stores, we ask several questions to find out the person’s views on eyewear and their potential future glasses. Will they be a standout feature? Or rather a purely practical accessory that shouldn’t stand out at all? At the end of the day, it all depends on what the customer is looking for and the image they want to project. Another important point, and one that we repeat often, is that when it comes to eyewear, we’re talking about style, not fashion.

Why is that?

Fashion and its trends are fleeting; style is timeless. A pair of glasses is made to last, to be worn almost daily. The objective is to find a model that suits you. And if you want to have fun or wear the eyewear that everyone’s talking about, go for sunglasses instead.

Black and white illustration of a young woman wearing round, thin-framed glasses.

© EYESEEmag.com

Black and white illustration of a woman with curly hair wearing square-framed eyeglasses.

© EYESEEmag.com

Black and white illustration of a man with a modern hairstyle, light beard and round thin-framed glasses.

© EYESEEmag.com

But there must be a perfect shape for round faces. What frame should you choose to create a flawless match?

If you want to step off the beaten track and be more daring, opt for a more geometric frame that contrasts with the curves of your face. A rectangular shape with gentle angles would be ideal.

Can round glasses suit round faces?

Yes, of course! If you’re looking for something neutral and discreet, you can choose round glasses. They’ll blend in completely with the rest of the face.

Smiling man wearing wire-rimmed glasses, sitting at a table with a French bulldog on his lap, in a bright interior space.

© Grégory Vissac

Smiling man, wearing a beige sweater and holding a pair of glasses with a yellow and navy blue frame in front of him, in a modern design interior.

© Grégory Vissac

Female model wearing bold red framed eyeglasses against a neutral background.

© Lapima

Your stores, L’Artisan du Regard, are renowned for offering a wide range of shapes and especially colors. Would you recommend one color in particular?

Now that’s a matter of taste! And you also have to take skin pigmentation and hair color into account. If you’re open-minded, go for color, whatever it is! On the other hand, if you prefer a more classic look, opt for neutral colors. That being said, it all comes down to harmony, and you can only know if a pair truly suits you by trying them on.

Could you give us a selection of great brands whose eyewear is adapted to round faces?

Yes! First, there’s the Lisa Petit from Brazilian brand Lapima. This model has a very dynamic and feminine butterflied square shape that I really like. Anne & Valentin also offers beautiful frames, such as the Transpose, which perfect for smaller faces, and the Lock. This latter model has rounded curves yet remains very bold, making it a great option for those looking to play around with the lines and contours of their head shape. For men, there’s the Plan by Theo, which is ideal for longer faces. Available in a range of colors, it can be adapted to different styles. And last but not least, designer Caroline Abram offers a host of possibilities such as the Kora, whose design really breaks up the roundness of the face.


Written by Charlotte Médot
Rewritten in English by Alexander Uff