Barton Perreira’s Acquisition by LVMH: A Commitment to Luxury Eyewear Craftsmanship

When the news dropped November 6 that LVMH Group had acquired luxury eyewear house Barton Perreira via its Thélios division, it came as no surprise to fans of Barton Perreira’s elevated eyewear. “Thélios LVMH is the perfect partner to take what we have built and elevate the brand to new heights,” Bill told EYESEEmag. “We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the years. Thélios shares our passion for craftsmanship and quality, and we are excited to see the wonderful things we will achieve together.” Started in Los Angeles, California, in 2007, the brand will now benefit from LVMH Group marketing and distribution firepower.

Thélios designs, produces and distributes sunglasses and optical frames for household names like Dior, Céline And Fendi and following LVMH’s September acquisition of French brand Vuarnet, the move further strengthens the Group’s position in the eyewear market. Alessandra Zanardo, CEO of Thélios, described this latest brand to join his stable as “a true gemstone in the eyewear industry, standing for understated luxury, timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship.”

With a long history in luxury eyewear, Barton Perreira founders Bill Barton and Patty Perreira will retain their leadership roles at the house as co-founders, CEO and designer respectively. We sat down with them to learn more.

Bill, you started out as an optician, and Patty as a designer. Going right back, tell me about what first brought you to eyewear. 

 Bill Barton: After graduating from college, I began my career in retail at the Optical Shop of Aspen. Starting out in the high-end luxury sector of the eyewear industry, I gained extensive experience and knowledge and became passionate about manufacturing and design. I was driven to have a comprehensive understanding of the business and sought expertise widely. Within six years, I was the president of Optical Shop of Aspen. Since then, I’ve led various luxury eyewear companies.

Patty Perreira: My boyfriend at the time was one of the owners of Oliver Peoples and I went to work there to help them when the company entered the wholesale market in 1987. My love affair with glasses started when I started wearing them when I was in Middle School, I liked the way they made me feel when I wore them.

Glasses can be quite transformative, can’t they?

Patty: Yes, somehow they gave me confidence….sort of like a super power.

Describe Barton Perreira in three words. 

Patty: Design without compromise

Stylish woman with transparent hexagonal sunglasses leaning against a vintage car on a sunny beach.

© Barton Perreira

Close-up of a woman holding her transparent eyeglass frame, with the sea and blue sky in the background.

© Barton Perreira

How did you develop the Barton Perreira look? 

Patty: The development of the Barton Perreira aesthetic unfolded gradually over time. I wanted people to discover our eyewear and experience the same confidence and excitement I had felt about eyewear at a young age. Our aesthetic is driven by a commitment to crafting exceptional designs that transcend trends, while prioritizing the highest level of comfort, feel, fit, and balance.

Patty, tell me about your intuitive design process. 

Patty: My relentless devotion to creating beautiful, refined eyewear is almost an obsession. I channel all my knowledge and passion into each piece, relying on my instincts and intuition to guide me to perfection.

You’re known for a timeless, sleek aesthetic.

Patty: Rather than relying on logos to define our identity, we embrace a pure, less-is-more aesthetic. My inspiration varies from one design to another—whether it’s a specific shape, color, technology, or mood. I’m a highly visual individual, so I draw inspiration from almost everything, but it’s the visionaries in art, architecture and music who remain true to their art form and don’t assimilate that continue to challenge and inspire my creative process.

Why did you choose an atelier in Japan to hand-make your frames? 

Patty: Dedication to hand craftsmanship is always at the core of our design process. Barton Perreira frames are artisanal creations produced by the best Japanese factories, with generations of expertise. In Japan, it’s all about attention to detail so that every pair fits perfectly; to have every detail meticulously executed. The final feel of our product is different. It feels like a luxury.

What are you most proud of in your journey this far? 

Patty: I am most proud of the team and the strong relationships we have built and developed over the years.  Also, building a brand virtually from the ground up and being acquired by the best luxury company in the world is a remarkable achievement.

Man with curly hair wearing oversized caramel-colored glasses, looking into the distance on a rocky shore.

© Barton Perreira

Pensive woman in beige off-the-shoulder dress sitting on a metal chair, wearing clear geometric eyeglasses, at dusk on a beach.

© Barton Perreira

Couple side by side in front of an ocean scene, the man in a white polo shirt, the woman in a white strapless dress, both wearing modern eyeglasses-header article

© Barton Perreira

What are you most excited about regarding your future with Thélios? 

Bill: I’m excited to be part of an extraordinary company that not only supports but deeply comprehends our brand vision. We are set to propel Barton Perreira on a global scale through expanded distribution channels, new Barton Perreira retail boutiques, and elevated marketing. To be part of Thélios LVMH is an honor and a huge deal for Patty and I.

What can we expect from Barton Perreira in 2024? 

Bill: We’re continuing to explore new categories, pushing the boundaries of eyewear. This year, we’re building upon the success of our Rimless Collection, which was launched last year, by venturing into new innovations, involving fine metal materials, cutting-edge design techniques combined with Japanese acetate.

Can we expect any differences in design terms?

Bill: We’ll continue enhancing our core collection, creating a strong assortment range of designs for our customers. Our dedication to design has never wavered, the collections in 2024 is a continuation of Patty’s vision and commitment to make the best product we can.


Written par Kate Matthams