Trendy glasses spotted on influencers

Seen on social media and the front rows of fashion shows, content creators are carving out a niche in the highly exclusive fashion sector. Donning the role of ambassadors, entrepreneurs, and trendsetters, their styles are followed, envied, and above all copied. Who are these modern new sources of inspiration, and what are their favorite eyewear pieces?


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Iconic in white with Paola Locatelli

Having been on social media since she was a little girl, the now 19-year-old influencer and actress is nothing short of a fashion icon. Followers can discover her different styles on Instagram, which range from cutting-edge looks with products from emerging labels to ultra-luxury chic with titans like Gucci, Dior, and Hugo Boss. In recent years, the latter German brand has undergone a radical, modern shift. As part of this strategy, it has called on different pop-culture muses, including TikTok star Khaby Lame, singer Maluma, supermodel Gigi Hadid, and the beautiful Paola Locatelli, who proudly sports its new eyewear including this magnificent round model in immaculate white.

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Gabrielle Caunesil-1100x400

© Gabrielle Caunesil

From the asphalt to the red carpet with Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli

Whether for a shopping session, a coffee break, or a fashion show, the founder of La Semaine Paris can’t resist wearing her favorite eyewear. As the partner of Persol’s global director, the model has naturally set her sights on one of the Italian brand’s signature pieces – a rectangular model with imposing temples that enhance every face shape, whatever the circumstances. The photos speak for themselves!

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Loewe confirms its IT-brand status with Leonie Hanne

This is THE brand that has taken social media by storm in recent months. Its helium-pumped oversize models embody one of the leading trends spotted during the latest fashion weeks and are continuing to be adopted by celebrities. Leonie Hanne is a modern icon with impeccable style who spots new trends and makes them her own at breakneck speed. This summer, she once again treated her subscribers to an all-out fashion show, wearing pieces that would make any couture fan’s eyes sparkle. Needless to say, one of them was a pair of sunglasses by Loewe – a must-have accessory!

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The Courrèges revival with MV Tiangue

The cult fashion house, 1960s symbol, and icon of liberated feminine style is back with a bang. Since the arrival of Nicolas Di Felice in 2020, its products have been worn by celebrities the world over, including MV Tiangue. This iconic Parisienne stands out with her surprising, eclectic style, and invites her TikTok followers to share her daily life as a fashionista, including her purchases and her favorite clothing and accessories. This fall, she has adopted the brand’s Shock 2 model. Black, XXL and timeless, this piece is the embodiment of high fashion potential!

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Matilda Djerf-1100x400

© Matilda Djerf

Back to basics with Matilda Djerf

The entrepreneur, fashion designer, model and social media superstar is continuing to impose her iconic style. She is particularly renowned for her chic outfits, featuring sustainable clothing from her Djerf Avenue brand combined with designer pieces. The young Swedish creative also enjoys focusing on classics, which is why she never leaves the house without her pair of rectangular glasses by Saint Laurent. The perfect essential to always keep within wearing distance.

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