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Celebrity eyewear worth emulating

Some people in this world have the midas touch. Here, we look at 10 famous faces – artists, singers and actors among them – who’ve made glasses look so cool, we can’t help but want to wear them too!

  • chloesevignywarbyparker-1100x400

    © Chloé Sevigné / Warby Parker

    Chloë Sevigny

    Not only is she one of the best dressed women in the world, but the actress looks stunning in specs. Daring in her choices, she tends to go for quirky and geeky-looking glasses with square, two-tone or clear frames. In 2019, she even created her own collection with the cool New York-based eyewear brand Warby Parker.

  • Andy_Warhol_by_Jack_Mitchell-1100x400

    © Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol

    The godfather of pop art was also influential in terms of his fondness for sunglasses and spectacles with clear frames. His go to style? Moscot’s large Miltzen, which now command a premium.

  • dianekeaton-1100x400

    © Diane Keaton

    Diane Keaton

    The actress has finessed her androgynous look with the bookish geek chic choice of frames that have become her signature. To get the look, opt for thick square- or rectangular-shaped frames in dark colors by Oliver Peoples, Ray Ban or Paul Smith.

  • brunomarslacostebis-1100x400

    © Bruno Mars / Lacoste

    Bruno Mars

    Whatever the weather, Bruno Mars rarely ventures out without sunglasses or spectacles. You’ll find the bold, oversized and thick-framed retro styles that appeal to him in the latest Lacoste campaign, for which he created the Ricky Regal clothing line.

  • jenna-lyons-credit-mei-taoloveseen-1100x400

    © Jenna Lyons / Mei Tao pour Loveseen

    Jenna Lyons

    The American fashion designer who embodied the J.Crew brand for years made a comeback last year, launching her own false lash brand. With her statement rounded and oversized frames, her contribution to the eyewear world has still not been forgotten.

  • 800px-Keith_Haring_(1986)-1100x400

    © Keith Haring

    Keith Haring

    The painter liked to team his Nike sweatshirt and the other streetwear pieces in his wardrobe with big black rimmed glasses. It was enough to make an impression out clubbing in New York in the Eighties.

  • irisapfelmichellafon-1100x400

    © Iris Apfel / Editions Michel Lafon

    Iris Apfel

    The 99-year-old American entrepreneur and interior designer has been a fashion icon for decades. Her eccentric and colorful clothes are always accessorized with oversized round glasses with thick black or tortoiseshell rims and snazzy jewelry. The last word in granny chic.

  • gracejones-1100x400

    © Grace jones / l.a.Eyeworks

    Grace Jones

    The singer sure likes her shades. Outlandish shapes, crazy colors, top designers (Issey Miyake, Dior, Paloma Picasso), she’s worn it all. Speaking of these all-important accessories, she said “For me, sunglasses are eye make-up, even at night. Half of my face is sunglasses. The other half is lips”.

  • spikelee-1100x400

    © Spike Lee

    Spike Lee

    Having experimented with everything from frames in shades of purple, orange and turquoise, to tortoiseshell, clear acetate and two-tone designs, the director is renowned for his spectacles and sunglasses. Recently, the striking styles by Theo Eyewear have attracted his attention.

  • robert_downay_Jr-1100x400

    © Robert Downey Jr.

    Robert Downey Jr.

    The Iron Man actor has made tinted glasses in unusual shapes his trademark, boasting an impressive collection of frames ranging from Kirk and Kirk to Karen Walker, via Tiffany & Co and Police. Elton John had better watch out…