Glasses for Night Driving: Solutions and Tips for Serene Driving

Whether we like it or not, we can’t always avoid driving at night. Especially as winter approaches, the days get shorter, and the darkness sets in earlier and earlier. But there are solutions to help you drive with peace of mind, and EYESEEmag has them all.


Whether at the wheel or on a bike, we sometimes notice changes in our visual perception. Especially after the age of 50, when the natural ageing of the eye causes our sight to diminish. These changes can also be the result of different pathologies. But for many people who usually have very good eyesight, it is simply the result of night-time conditions.

According to the Association Prévention Routière, night-time traffic makes up only 10% of all traffic, but accounts for a large proportion of total accidents. One of the main risk factors is the lack of visibility, which can lead to fatigue and reduced vigilance.

When visibility is poor, the environment appears blurred, contrasts and relief are diminished, and our field of vision tends to shrink. Risk also increases with the alternation between dark and light, bad weather conditions, and dazzling lights from vehicles in front.




Night blindness and myopia (short-sightedness) is a real condition that makes seeing at night very challenging, if not impossible, and can prevent people from driving. People with night blindness see very well during the day, but as soon as the light fades, their eyes no longer function properly. This is because the retina is unable to adapt to low light levels. Night blindness is often a symptom of an underlying disease, and only a doctor can evaluate it, determine the cause, and treat it.

Although less dramatic, night myopia involves accommodation dysfunction along with pupil dilation. Although we are all somewhat short-sighted at night, this phenomenon is more pronounced in those who actually suffer from night myopia. What’s more, myopia and slowing the progression of near-sightedness are public health issues affecting increasing numbers of people worldwide.

For those with true short-sightedness, white contact lenses and corrective lenses can help. The same applies to astigmatism and presbyopia.


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According to the Association Nationale pour l’Amélioration de la Vue, eight million drivers in France have a sight defect that is either uncorrected or poorly corrected. When you notice that your sight is hampered on a daily basis, and even more so at night, your first reflex should be to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. They can prescribe clear progressive or single vision corrective lenses specifically designed for driving. These lenses have coatings that reduce reflections, light halos, and glare by up to 90%.

Some of the most innovative models include Essilor’s Crizal Drive coatings, Night Drive Boost™ by Nikon, and the Zeiss DriveSafe lenses. As well as their cutting-edge technology, these products are very practical – something we always love. Resistant to scratches, water, and dirt, you can wear them day and night without having to change glasses, as they also protect against UV rays and improve daytime vision.


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Whether you have poor, good, or excellent eyesight, you will have heard of night driving glasses. In particular, you may have spotted yellow lenses, which are popping up everywhere and across a wide price range.

These lenses can be featured on glasses with or without corrections, or as clip-on versions. Just like for sports eyewear, and particularly for cycling, the yellow tint helps to filter out certain light waves, intensify contrasts, and protect the retina from glare. However, not all yellow lenses are created equal when it comes to driving at night. They should also have an anti-reflective coating, which will greatly reduce the amount of light reflected. EYESEEmag has selected the best (and most stylish) models currently available.

Vuarnet Resort glasses with mineral glass Nightlynx lenses, €235

Signature Krys driving glasses, €35

Afflelou Night Drive Magic Clip, from €29

Glasses with Invu clip-on, €100

Rewritten by Alexander Uff