4 tips to stop your children losing their glasses

It’s already hard enough for some adults to hold onto their glasses and remember where they left them, so imagine how difficult it must be for children to do the same. Four top tips that could help them hold onto their glasses for a little longer.

 While I was researching the tips and tricks in this piece, I fell down an internet forum rabbit hole. One post in particular surprised me. A mother had written about the time her six-year-old twins, who both wore glasses, came out of school without them. One of them told her that she had dropped them and a classmate had trodden on them. Accidents happen, but the mom wrote: “I was furious at my daughter and punished her.” It was an overreaction and as for her second twin, the poster wasn’t sure whether she had lost her glasses or someone had stolen them from her. She wrote: “…I’m not sure whether I can believe my daughter as she is going through a phase of lying to us at the moment. She could very well have taken her glasses into the cafeteria and lost them during breaktime.” She asked the other community member: “what sort of punishment would you give in this situation?” Four tips to be sure you don’t reach the same point.


© The Anh Tran, pixabay

1. Let your kids choose their new frames

This first piece of advice is the most important. As a parent, you’re used to making all the decision for your children, because they are not yet old enough to do so themselves. Having said that, when it comes to glasses, it’s essential to let him or her choose the frames that they like the best. It’s hard enough to get a child to wear glasses all day, so don’t make it even more difficult by forcing them to wear a pair they don’t like. Otherwise, be warned; you might find them coincidentally ‘lost’ or worse, behind the sofa, snapped in two. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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2. Encourage them to wear a glasses chain or cord

Glasses chains are back in fashion and with beads and crystals, they have become a key accessory for adults. Wearing them around their necks is also an ideal way of making sure little ones can always find their glasses. Kids are more prone than adults to losing them or leaving them behind in places, but if you let them choose their own little chain you can be sure they will always have them to hand.


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3. Get them used to putting their glasses away in their case when they aren’t wearing them

This one goes for everyone, whatever age they are. When your children take their glasses off at home, before going to bed for example, get them used to putting them in their case, preferably a brightly colored one, so that they won’t lose sight of it. It’s a great habit to get into to minimize the risk of loss and also breakage because if they leave them out, they could easily fall on the floor and be trodden on.


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4. Invest in a back-up pair

If the three tips so far haven’t worked our best advice is to keep a spare pair in case your child loses their glasses. If not, he might find it hard to read what his homework is on the blackboard, especially if he has a strong prescription… and any excuse is a good one for not doing your math homework.