Eyeglasses to give to your child for back to school

It’s not always easy to get children to enjoy wearing glasses. This autumn, we’re here to help, with a round-up of the most stylish, fun and colourful glasses guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face.

Our selection of children’s glasses

The 10 glasses they will love

  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-baila-slider-banniere

    © Optic2000

    1 – Baila glasses, from Opic2000, €39

    When it comes to child-friendly frames, red will always be our first port-of-call. Not only are they fun and smart, but they’ll be easy to find when they go walkabouts during playtime.


  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-triples-slider-banniere

    © KelOptic

    2 – Les Triplés glasses, from KelOptic, €109

    These purple coloured glasses have a fantastical feel to them. Ideal for aficionados of Harry Potter.


  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-grand-optical-slider-banniere

    © Grand Optical

    3 – Grand Optical glasses, €99

    Back-to-school dread will turn into rose-tinted optimism with these round and cute bonbon coloured frames.


  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-afflelou-slider-banniere

    © Afflelou

    4 – Afflelou glasses, 99 euros

    These rounded frames look studious and feel practical, but will also inject a bit of summer holiday joie de vivre into grey days.


  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-reine-des-neiges-slider-banniere

    © Grand Optical

    5 – Snow White glasses, from Grand Optical, €129 euros

    What child doesn’t know and love the story of Snow White? These fairy tale-inspired frames are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-avengers-slider-banniere

    © Avengers, Optic2000

    6 – Avengers Glasses, €183

    Whilst appearing a deep red from front on, their temples feature tasteful detailing, inspired by the blockbuster superhero franchise. All that’s missing is a cape.


  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-lafont-slider-banniere

    © Lafont

    7 – Lafont glasses, price undisclosed

    Named “Canaille” (which is French for ‘rascal’), these sunflower yellow specs are sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.

    More information on: www.lafont.com

  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-star-wars-opal-slider-banniere

    © Opal

    8 – Star Wars glasses, from Opal, price undisclosed

    The generation-old sci-fi saga is loved by young and old alike. These glasses (designed to look like light sabres) will let the ‘force be with’ their wearer.


  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-caroline-abram-slider-banniere

    © Caroline Abram

    9 – Caroline Abraham glasses, €140

    These bright-coloured, stylish frames are also available for adults. Perfect for daughter-mother outfit twinning.

    More information on: www.carolineabram.com

  • lunettes-rentree-enfants-spiderman-opal-slider-banniere

    © Opal

    10 – Spiderman reading glasses, €119

    These superhero frames will make textbooks seem as fun as playtime (particularly the climbing frame).