Thierry Lasry Looks to Barbie in a New Collaboration we Love

The world-famous doll has teamed up with the French eyewear designer to create boxed sets featuring Barbie and an exclusive pair of glasses, that look set to be a runaway success this Christmas.

© Barbie x Thierry Lasry

© Barbie x Thierry Lasry

© Barbie x Thierry Lasry

© Barbie x Thierry Lasry

© Glamy V643

© Glamy 3163

© Galaxy 012

© Galaxy 004

Thierry Lasry might just have created the perfect Christmas gift we’ve seen so far this year, and that’s for men or women. The French eyewear label has collaborated with the most famous of dolls, to mark the 60th birthday of Barbie (who doesn’t look a day over 25).

Currently in pre-sale on the Lasry site, are limited edition collector’s boxed sets featuring Barbie and Ken dressed in style, with matching, retro-look glasses. The gift set marks yet another way Mattel has reinvented the plastic dolls, which have been a fixture since 1959, although they look a lot different now.



© Barbie x Thierry Lasry

Barbie fans can now play with dolls whose figures are a lot more realistic, styled for inspired jobs like doctors, musician, explorers, footballers, globe-trotters and journalists. Frida Kahlo, Ashley Graham and David Bowie dolls have also been released recently, to reflect – and appeal to – a wider audience.

The Gallic eyewear designer has brought a touch of French chic to Mattel, with the Glamy and Galaxy dolls. As well as teaming up with Barbie, Thierry Lasry has also collaborated with Acne Studios, Fendi and Enfants Riches Déprimés, honing a carefully crafted image with each limited edition. But with a price tag of €400, we’re not sure that the kids will be allowed to play with this one!