The jewelry houses unveiling eyewear

Get a taste of what high-end jewelry boutiques have to offer, through their eyewear collections – all of which are as stunning as the pieces that inspired them. Meticulous cuts, glittering gems, intricate detailing… With spectacle manufacturers revisiting legendary creations by master jewelers, we explore these precious pieces in more detail.

Works of art they may be, but real gems they sure are. Although bejeweled glasses are nothing new, we want to concentrate here on timeless signature style and iconic hallmarks more than fleeting fashions. And the jewelry houses really do excel at all things eye catching.

Bedazzled and bejeweled

From the finest solid gold frames, to temples encrusted with rubies and sapphires, via baroque styles set with diamonds, exceptional eyewear remains the preserve of the biggest celebs, as well as blinged-out rappers and those with bulging bank accounts.

But even away from the spotlight, striking designs are popular among the eyewear trends for 2022, with bejeweled sunglasses proving ultra-desirable, their iconic details made bolder than ever.

Jewelry meets eyewear

Cartier’s Love bracelet, created in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo; Bulgari’s Serpenti range, charming the most beautiful women in the world with its precious scales since the Forties; the intricately woven rope style bracelets in the Force 10 collection from Fred, Godron rings, diamonds, Clous de Paris and Grosgrain in the Quatre collection by Boucheron; iconic jewelry that still captures attention. From cascades of crystals and stones of a thousand facets, to rock &roll symbolism and flamboyant singularity, replicating their magic in eyewear goes beyond fashion – it is part of the dream.


Discover the new jewelry glasses in the slideshow below

  • 1-Boucheron-1100x400

    © Boucheron


    Just like on the Boucheron ear clips designed for wearing every which way, the unique and inimitable Full Quatre motif can also be found on the rims – as well as on the temples – of the glasses in its collection. www.boucheron.com

  • 2-Cartier-1100x400

    © Cartier


    Embodying the incredible elegance of the Love bracelet, the signature screw from the iconic Santos watch also features on these ultra-feminine frames in gold-tone metal, complete with gradient lenses. www.cartier.com

  • 3-Pomellato-1100x400

    © Pomellato


    With their mouthwatering colors and glittering facets, these tone-on-tone designs are delectable, in much the same way as the famous Nudo ring that has remained popular for some 20 years now. www.pomellato.com

  • 4-Swarovski-1100x400

    © Swarovski


    All the crystals you could possibly want, but incorporated in an oversize retro design, where the real star of the season has to be the pristine white color of this eyewear. Price: €230 www.swarovski.com

  • 5-Thomas-sabo-1100x400

    © Thomas Sabo


    A summery ocean blue look, where the Thomas Sabo rebel attitude reveals itself in the detailing – see the iconic Rebel cross subtly inlaid on the bright white frames. Price: €179 www.thomassabo.com

  • 6-Bvlgari-1100x400

    © Bvlgari


    The brand’s famously seductive scales are back again, this time in fuchsia pink enamel, both on the sides of the lenses and on the tips of this entrancing design. Price: €404 www.bulgari.com

  • 7-Fred-1100x400

    © Fred


    Celebrating 55 years of the Force 10 range in style, the marine cable and the most precious shackle in the world now incorporate contrasting colors and materials as part of the new men’s range. Price: €780 www.fred.com

  • 8-Tiffany-and-co-1100x400

    © Tiffany & Co


    These elegant and feminine aviators are made all the more desirable thanks to their T motif, reworked in Tiffany blue enamel, now a real symbol of luxury. Price: €280 from www.galerieslafayette.com

  • 9-Mauboussin-1100x400

    © Mauboussin


    The Etoile Divine ring lends its famous design to every Mauboussin creation, among them some stylish and understated shades with famous quotes engraved on the temple tips. www.mauboussin.us

  • 10-Chrome-hearts-1100x400

    © Chrome Hearts


    Somber, intriguing, extravagant, Chrome Hearts glasses are designed like jewelry; unique works of art with a strong identity. These are not for the faint-hearted. www.chromehearts.com

Written by Eleanor Fullalove