How to wear this summer’s glasses chains – sixteen designs to switch up your shades

Since their unexpected comeback, glasses chains have been full of surprises. The humble glasses cord has evolved into full-blown jewelry and this summer, they’re either bright and cheerful, or being adorned with everything from shells to healing crystals. Discover 16 highly desirable designs sure to covert you to glasses chains this summer.

Having a moment right now, glasses chains have been on catwalks for years, as well as on the streets. Revived by models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, this accessory from the 80s and 90s has nothing left to prove, having also gotten the seal of approval from the biggest names in fashion (Gucci, Fendi and Stella McCartney included) and been promoted by Angèle for Chanel Eyewear.

This summer, the glasses chain is the ideal accessory for embellishing your sunglasses. Especially as it can be put to more than one use. Never again will you end up losing your favorite shades in the sand at the beach, or leaving them behind when picking up your coffee. Even better still, many brands have made it possible to convert your glasses chain into a necklace, or attach a mask instead.

Summer is the time to go XXL, or opt for the most vibrant colors you can find. Unless you prefer the delicate gold chains, decorated with stones and shells – just perfect for the beach!

Tempted to get a glasses chain this summer? Browse the selection of styles on offer…

  • 1.YAY-1100x400

    © YaY

    Chance Baroque glasses chain, YAY, €89

    Embellished with stones, including turquoise and cultured pearls, this delicate chain shows just how far a splash of color can go this summer.

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  • 2.Frame-Chain-Fruit-salad-1100x400

    © Frame Chain

    Fruit Salad glasses chain, Frame Chain, £120

    Wonderfully evocative, the delicious-looking ‘fruit salad’ chain is just the thing to keep you looking cool this summer. Use the mood-boosting accessory to lift any outfit this season. The British brand, which specializes in glasses chains, has plenty of styles for men, as well as women, whether you’re after something stylish, original, or street…

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  • 3.Coco-bonito-1100x400

    © Coco Bonito

    Two Faced glasses chain, Coco Bonito, €34.95

    Based in Amsterdam, the Coco Bonito brand has come up with an asymmetric design that has pearls on one side and gold chain on the other. One chain, two looks!

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  • 4.Isabel-Marant-1100x400

    © Isabel Marant

    Hip glasses chain, Isabel Marant, €150

    Isabel Marant has given the glasses chain a rock’n’roll makeover. Think your shades lack personality? This chain certainly adds interest.

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  • 5.Gas-Bijoux-1100x400

    © Gas Bijoux

    Escale glasses chain, Gas Bijoux, €110

    This dainty glasses chain from Gas Bijoux would make a stylish addition to your shades this summer. Alternating between rings of clear acetate and links gilded with fine 24 carat gold, the result is beautifully delicate.

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  • 6.éliou-1100x400

    © Eliou

    Lorraine glasses chain, éliou, $240

    The US brand has been making waves on Instagram in recent years, its creative and colorful products seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid and Harry Styles. If you want to be next in line, this striking chain with jade beads and freshwater pearls hits all the right notes.

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  • 7.Fendi-1100x400

    © Fendi

    Fendi glasses chain, €490

    Combine the iconic Fendi monogram with a glasses chain and what you get is an inevitably super stylish accessory. None too showy, it’s an ideal way to upgrade your shades – Fendi or otherwise.

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  • 8.Le-Martine-1100x400

    © Le Martine

    Le Coquillage glasses chain, Le Martine, €29

    Planning a beach break this summer? You’d be hard pressed to find a better match for it than this chain with shells on by Le Martine.

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  • 9.Jimmy-Fairly-1100x400

    © Jimmy Fairly

    Felicity glasses chain, Jimmy Fairly, €35

    A super summery chain we’re sure will look every bit as good with espadrilles and a linen jumpsuit during the day, as it will with a little black dress in the evening.

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  • 10.Orris-London-1100x400

    © Orris London

    Spaghetti glasses chain, Orris London, €120.95

    Wherever you spend the summer, this design from the London-based brand promises to both fit in and stand out. For the most striking effect, we recommend wearing with shades the same color. As an added bonus, it’s made from bio-acetate, a biodegradable and more eco-friendly material.

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  • 11.Coco-bonito-1100x400

    © Coco Bonito

    Ocean Shell glasses chain, Coco Bonito, €29.95

    The Coco Bonito brand has created an entire collection of chains called “Casa Oceana”, giving us serious summer vibes. Among them is this azure blue Cauris shell version, which should get you in the holiday mood!

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  • 12.Emmanuelle-Khanh-1100x400

    © Emmanuelle Khanh

    L’Oversize glasses chain, Emmanuelle Khanh, €125

    A bold design to help you look confident, even when hiding behind your glasses. With its XXL acrylic links, this chain perfectly captures the free and uninhibited character of the Emmanuelle Khanh brand.

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  • 13.Quay-Australia-1100x400

    © Quay Australia

    Quay Australia glasses chain, $25

    Why dip a toe in the 80s/90s revival, when you could go all out in neon?

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  • 14.Zoï-1100x400

    © Zoï

    Sounion glasses chain, Zoï, €140

    Hand produced in Paris, Zoï’s pieces are designed to look like jewelry for your glasses, imbued with therapeutic properties. Each one corresponds to a stone with specific benefits, combining style and function. All the more reason to get yourself a glasses chain this summer, like this one in lapis-lazuli.

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  • 15.Linda-Farrow-1100x400

    © Linda Farrow

    Linda Farrow glasses chain, Farfetch, €243

    Pink was all over the catwalks for spring-summer 2021. Opting for this oversize powder pink design by Linda Farrow will show the world you have you finger on the pulse!

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  • 16.Le-Petit-Cordon-1100x400

    © Le Petit Cordon

    Paris glasses chain, Le Petit Cordon, €19,90

    Inspired by Chanel’s legendary chain strap handbags, this glasses chain will certainly give your shades that je ne sais quoi. It’s a bargain, as well! Offering up glasses cords for men and children as well, the brand lets your whole family get in on the trend.

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Written by Eleanor Fullalove