10 sunglasses for getting your rock star on

After the recent crop of super successful biopics on stars like Elton John and Freddie Mercury, becoming a rock star has never looked cooler as a career option. But if you’re not a natural behind the mike, or don’t have the talent with a guitar that’s required to finance a megastar lifestyle, our edit of 10 pairs of sunglasses will see you reach number one in the style stakes… the private jet however, is down to you.

10 sunglasses for getting your rock star on

the private jet however, is down to you.

  • lunettes-slider-banniere-gucci

    © Gucci

    1 – Hollywood Forever by Gucci

    These supersized glasses are big on bling, for Elton John’s flamboyant star style.

    Crystal-encrusted Hollywood Forever sunglasses, Gucci, €900

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    © Rayban

    2 – Wayfarer by Ray-Ban

    From The Blues Brothers, to Blondie and Michael Jackson, everyone has been seen in Ray Ban’s classic sunglasses.

    Wayfarer Ease sunglasses, Ray-Ban, €192

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    © Superdry

    3 – Cristal Rock Star by Superdry

    For when you’re feelin’ kinda Elvis Presley, Hawaii-era.

    Cristal Rock Star sunglasses, Superdry, €40

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    © Privé Revaux

    4 – Rockstar argent by Privé Revaux

    Make like Lady Gaga on stage, without the unconventional wardrobe.

    Silver Rockstar, Privé Revaux, €17 (on sale at Krys)

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    © Quay Australia

    5 – Hindsight by Quay Australia

    Rapper-style swag, just like Jenny from the block: J-Lo has a collaboration with this edgy Australian brand.

    Hindsight sunglasses, Quay Australia, €55

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  • lunettes-slider-banniere-jimmy

    © Jimmy Fairly

    6 – Crew by Jimmy Fairly

    Best worn with streetwear and dad sneakers, in one of Kanye West’s futuristic music videos.

    Crew sunglasses, Jimmy Fairly, €129

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  • lunettes-slider-banniere-thierry-RHODEO-101-PINK

    © Thierry Lasry

    7 – Rhodeo by Thierry Lasry

    Kurt Cobain would have rocked these in the 1990s, with a checked shirt and stonewashed ripped jeans.

    Rhodeo sunglasses, Rhude x Thierry Lasry, €450

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  • lunettes-slider-banniere-louis-vuitton-bohemian-rhapsody

    © Louis Vuitton

    8 – Bohemian Rhapsody by Louis Vuitton

    Be queen – or king – of the night, with these sunglasses directly inspired by Freddie Mercury.

    Bohemian Rhapsody, Louis Vuitton, €420

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  • lunettes-slider-banniere-acne

    © Acne

    9 – Scientist Mix by Acne Studios

    John Lennon made round-lens hippie glasses a cult classic and more recently, they’ve been brought back up to date by Rihanna.

    Gold and black Scientist Mix sunglasses by Acne Studios, €300

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    © Rayban

    10 – Outdoorsman Craft by Ray-Ban

    It was The Doors’ Jim Morrison who sang Waiting for the Sun and these aviators are perfect for the heatwave.

    Outdoorsman Craft sunglasses, Ray-Ban, €242

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