10 sunglasses for getting your rock star on

After the recent crop of super successful biopics on stars like Elton John and Freddie Mercury, becoming a rock star has never looked cooler as a career option. But if you’re not a natural behind the mike, or don’t have the talent with a guitar that’s required to finance a megastar lifestyle, our edit of 10 pairs of sunglasses will see you reach number one in the style stakes… the private jet however, is down to you.

  • lunettes-slider-banniere-gucci

    © Gucci

    1 – Hollywood Forever by Gucci

    These supersized glasses are big on bling, for Elton John’s flamboyant star style.

    Crystal-encrusted Hollywood Forever sunglasses, Gucci, €900

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    © Rayban

    2 – Wayfarer by Ray-Ban

    From The Blues Brothers, to Blondie and Michael Jackson, everyone has been seen in Ray Ban’s classic sunglasses.

    Wayfarer Ease sunglasses, Ray-Ban, €192

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    © Superdry

    3 – Cristal Rock Star by Superdry

    For when you’re feelin’ kinda Elvis Presley, Hawaii-era.

    Cristal Rock Star sunglasses, Superdry, €40

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    © Privé Revaux

    4 – Rockstar argent by Privé Revaux

    Make like Lady Gaga on stage, without the unconventional wardrobe.

    Silver Rockstar, Privé Revaux, €17 (on sale at Krys)

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    © Quay Australia

    5 – Hindsight by Quay Australia

    Rapper-style swag, just like Jenny from the block: J-Lo has a collaboration with this edgy Australian brand.

    Hindsight sunglasses, Quay Australia, €55

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  • lunettes-slider-banniere-jimmy

    © Jimmy Fairly

    6 – Crew by Jimmy Fairly

    Best worn with streetwear and dad sneakers, in one of Kanye West’s futuristic music videos.

    Crew sunglasses, Jimmy Fairly, €129

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  • lunettes-slider-banniere-thierry-RHODEO-101-PINK

    © Thierry Lasry

    7 – Rhodeo by Thierry Lasry

    Kurt Cobain would have rocked these in the 1990s, with a checked shirt and stonewashed ripped jeans.

    Rhodeo sunglasses, Rhude x Thierry Lasry, €450

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  • lunettes-slider-banniere-louis-vuitton-bohemian-rhapsody

    © Louis Vuitton

    8 – Bohemian Rhapsody by Louis Vuitton

    Be queen – or king – of the night, with these sunglasses directly inspired by Freddie Mercury.

    Bohemian Rhapsody, Louis Vuitton, €420

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  • lunettes-slider-banniere-acne

    © Acne

    9 – Scientist Mix by Acne Studios

    John Lennon made round-lens hippie glasses a cult classic and more recently, they’ve been brought back up to date by Rihanna.

    Gold and black Scientist Mix sunglasses by Acne Studios, €300

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    © Rayban

    10 – Outdoorsman Craft by Ray-Ban

    It was The Doors’ Jim Morrison who sang Waiting for the Sun and these aviators are perfect for the heatwave.

    Outdoorsman Craft sunglasses, Ray-Ban, €242

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