L.A. Eyeworks, the Eyewear Brand That Says Exactly How They See Things

Since opening their iconic flagship store in 1974, l.a Eyeworks has become a veteran of Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Living through the punk era of the city, the brand is not one to shy away from the things that need to be said.


© L.A. Eyeworks

With the high levels of traffic passing by the brand’s flagship location, l.a. eyeworks saw an opportunity to show the world exactly what it was thinking. For over 25 years, l.a. Eyeworks has been using their shop window as a messaging platform, splashing punny declarations of cultural importance across its shopfront with the hope of sparking important conversations.


Known for their bold, imaginative and expressive eyewear designs, the slogans themselves are equally as punchy, With a penchant for culture, social equality and freedom of expression, here are some of the highlights:


To celebrate 126 women being sworn into U.S. government and an important step towards equal representation. With the constant battle against traffic on Melrose Avenue, the slogan takes on a second, tongue-in-cheek meaning.


In a world moving constantly towards inclusivity, l.a. Eyeworks used Valentine’s Day to take a stance and spread the love in the LGBTQ+ community, with commenters saying “you make me feel seen”.


© L.A. Eyeworks


In the brand’s own words: “to resist the barriers that aim to divide us — from each other and from our truest, most original selves”. In our words: with talk of a literal wall separating the U.S. from its neighbouring country, it is refreshing to see a brand being so vocal (and visual) about the important topics on today’s political landscape.

For those who do not pass by their Melrose Avenue store, you can still follow the brand’s voice on their Instagram account.


© L.A. Eyeworks