15 women’s sunglasses to give for Christmas

When it comes to choosing what to slip under your Christmas tree, sunglasses are always a good idea. From the architectural to the colorful, vintage to futuristic, these designs are sure to be a success.

  • Vava-1100x400

    © Vava eyewear

    Vava Eyewear sunglasses, 485 euros

    These eco-friendly red cat-eye glasses are made in Italy from organic acetate making them 100% recyclable. A gift ideal for lovers of originality from Vava Eyewear’s ‘White Label’.

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  • diezdos-1100x400

    © Diezdos eyewear

    Diezdos sunglasses, 200 euros

    A violet pair designed by brand new Colombian label, Diezdos. Julia, the designer behind it, creates her models like a goldsmith to keep the spirit of her ancestors alive.

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  • Amaury-Paris-1100x400

    © Amaury Paris eyewear

    Amaury Paris sunglasses, price on request

    Sunglasses that help you see the world through rose-colored tinted lenses, set in a trendy transparent frame for a luxurious and durable design by Amaury Paris.

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  • Karllagarfeld-1100x400

    © Karl Lagarfeld eyewear

    Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses, 149 euros

    These studded black frames pay tribute to the iconic style of the late king of fashion who was rarely seen without his sunglasses.

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  • Morel-1100x400

    © lunettes Morel

    Morel sunglasses, price on request

    Violet tortoise shell make this design from Morel an easy and glamorous choice for Christmas.

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  • Victoria-Bekham-1100x400

    © Victoria Bekham eyewear

    Victoria Beckham Eyewear sunglasses, price on request

    Victoria Beckham’s new collection of sunglasses pay tribute to the 1970s with oversized frames that give clout to any style.

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  • Sheinwejdene-1100x400

    © Sheinwejde lunettes

    SheIn x Wejdene sunglasses, 6,25 euros

    A small price with maximum impact and a futuristic design that goes perfectly with the rest of the collection of clothes and accessories

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  • Longchamp-1100x400

    © lunettes Longchamp

    Longchamp sunglasses, 150 euros

    Sunglasses that blend blue and gold for a design full of vintage charm and the French elegance that Longchamp is known for.

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  • ESPRIT-1100x400

    © Esprit eyewar

    Esprit sunglasses, 79,90 euros

    Brown lenses in a transparent frame that will suit all hair colors and face shapes.

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  • Komono-1100x400

    © Komono eyewear

    Komono sunglasses, 59 euros

    With their oval shape and large tortoiseshell pattern, this Ana de Komono design is the perfect present for any woman whose in touch with the trends but wants to keep their originality.

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  • Quay-Australia-1100x400

    © lunettes Quay Australia

    Quay Australia sunglasses, 49 euros

    Cat eye designs are one of the season’s top trends, and this one with its chunky frame and metallic details is sure to please the most fashionable women.

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  • Moke-organice-yewear-1100x400

    © Moke Organice Eyewear

    Moken Organic Eyewear sunglasses, 64 euros

    With their Sixties charm, the Hepburn model from Moken is the perfect example of ethical style, made from bio-sourced, organic materials.

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  • Izipizi-1100x400

    © Izipizi eyewear

    Izipizi sunglasses, 35 euros

    With their square shape, a chic tortoiseshell pattern and a high level of solar protection, this Izipizi pair is stacked full of good reasons to slip under your Christmas tree.

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  • Dior-1100x400

    © Dior eyewear

    Dior sunglasses, 450 euros

    A luxurious ivory and gold design whose vintage look will elevate even the most basic of looks.

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  • Swarovski-1100x400

    © lunettes swarovski

    Swarovski sunglasses, price on request

    Swarovski sunglasses like jewels that glitter and shine, full of the festive spirit needed for the end of year celebrations.

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Written by Josh Arnold