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The famous faces who never go without glasses

Celebrities have long enjoyed a love affair with dark glasses. Stars turn to glasses to protect themselves from flash-happy paparazzi, any time they want to go unnoticed – and for fashion. For some, they are more than just accessories, they are about standing out and can be essential to their image, even. But who are the famous faces rarely seen without them and which styles are they attached to?


© Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

The legendary Anna Wintour is inseparable from her shades. As Editor-in-chief of American Vogue and the high priestess of fashion, she insists on wearing her favorite vintage eyewear by Chanel on the front row at fashion shows around the world. Whether she wants to protect her eyes or hide her true feelings about the clothes on the catwalk, this cult of mystery certainly makes life harder for the designers who look for her approval in the hope it will ensure their success.


© Gims


Forever hidden behind his shades, Gims enjoys cultivating mystery around who he is too. Dark glasses are like his armor, with the must-have accessories also used to set off all his outfits, not to mention set him apart from other rappers. The artist is really into shades by the luxury German label, Cazal. In fact, it collaborated with the singer on the black and gold design he wears in the video for his single, Bella.



© Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

While most celebrities prefer to leave their glasses at home if walking the red carpet, Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep is one of the exceptions, who likes to wear her specs for an appearance. Round, rectangle, cat eye, minimalist, titanium and acetate… Streep likes to experiment with different shapes and styles – like at the Golden Globe Awards in 2018, when she went for some light brown butterfly frames.


© Kikesa


Glasses may be popular with rappers, but Kikesa tends to focus on the quirky and colorful creations with psychedelic accents by Kelvin Mutlu, an eyewear manufacturer based in Bordeaux. In fact, the accessories have an especially important role to play in being central to the story behind the new album, ‘Rubi’, which mentions his imaginary best friend, who can only be seen when he wears his magic frames.


© Bono


Having suffered from glaucoma for over 20 years, the lead singer for the band U2 was forced to wear glasses all the time in an effort to protect his eyes, as the disease made them more sensitive to light. He has used his fame to raise public awareness for years, setting up initiatives like his collaboration with the eyewear brand Revo, aimed at raising funds to improve access to eye care for the neediest.


© Victoria Bekham

Victoria Beckham

The business woman and fashion icon is well-known for accessorizing her fashion-forward outfits with shades so big that they cover up most of her face. Following on from her beauty range, leather goods and ready-to-wear, it was only natural that Posh should launch her eponymous eyewear collection. Suitably classic and sophisticated, it features aviator, square and round styles, offering something for everyone.

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© DJ Snake

DJ Snake

Somehow, the French record producer has managed to conquer the world without showing us his face. Shades are an all-important part of his look, allowing him to avoid attracting attention and go about his business without being bothered. To help him achieve this, he favors brands like Louis Vuitton and Karen Walker, but also collects vintage designs that he stores in their own special box. A true lover of fine frames.


© Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

As well as her iconic oversize glasses with their striking thick black frames, the most stylish centenarian on the planet is renowned for her taste in cool and colorful clothing. Doubtless, this will be an important part of Iris Apfel x H&M, her upcoming collection created in partnership with H&M, which goes on sale this spring. Proof, if ever it were needed, that glasses can be an important part of any outfit.

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Written by Eleanor Fullalove