Talla Eyewear, glasses just for men

Talla Eyewear credits itself with creating the ‘ultimate accessory of masculine elegance’. Steeped in Italian know-how and stories, collections by the Italian eyewear manufacturer evoke the human experience of their designer, Gianluca Gualandi – and the people who inspire him. This is eyewear with added soul.


In his home town of Bologna, everyone calls him by the nickname Talla.

Passionate about design, fashion and cooking, the founder of Talla Eyewear, Gianluca Gualandi, enjoys the nostalgia and tradition of family meals and soccer games with friends.

Various worlds and influences ensure the Talla label has remained unique since it was founded in 2016 and launched the Buoni Tempi collection.

Inspired by some of the best moments in Gianluca’s life, these early designs set the tone for more collections characterized by passion and attention to detail.


© Talla Eyewear

Men’s glasses with a story

Gianluca has plenty of stories to tell, like one with a fisherman, which ultimately resulted in the meticulously polished acetate Il Pescatorio design, complete with beta-titanium temples. As for the Amici line – the double bridge designs combining acetate and Barberini glass – that one conjures up images of childhood friends.

Meanwhile, the Zeste in ultra-light gold-tone titanium inspires thoughts of zingy cocktails being sipped on Piazza Navona. Or having coffee at the counter, as per the Italian custom – pure and intense, much like the eponymous collection.

The ‘funky’ Starsky and Hutch range promises to take you back to the 70s with its modern take on vintage. However, it’s the cheering of revelers and soccer fans in Bologna that the Brush line brings to mind, these designs taking their names from the local slang. Fanga, Gnomo and Griccio are all masculine styles in hand-brushed acetate with shiny details to make them look bigger and brighter.

Who knew such poetry and delicacy could be contained in one simple pair of glasses? Other than Gianluca Gualandi, of course. For him, simplicity is just an illusion.


© Talla Eyewear


© Talla Eyewear


© Talla Eyewear

Materials, shapes and colors for the smart casual man

The subtlety of the cut-outs and the suitability of the colors discreetly contribute to the sophistication of Talla Eyewear, alongside high-quality materials and considered details. The eyewear manufacturer aims to do everything in understated style. Graphic elements and the use of light are common features.

Take the latest collection, Arabesco, for example – inspired by Italian designer Carlo Mollino and the organic shape of his famous coffee table. The fine and irregular structure of these frames is balanced by the choice of lightweight, yet durable stainless steel.

Mixing materials, from high-density acetate to pure titanium and Italian leather, Gianluca Gualandi has mastered the use and lexicon of materials, creating designs for the Seven collection with unique titanium frames weighing just 7g and incorporating acetate inserts.

Then, there is the skillful work involved in bonding acetate to make the iconic ‘aviator’ style that bit more fun with Starsky – or breathe fresh life into other retro frame shapes, like the pantos with Cartola. FYI, if you hear someone shout ‘Cartola!’ on the streets of Bologna, it means you’re a good-looking guy! In fact, it also captures the nonchalant – yet studied – masculine elegance that Talla Eyewear excels at.

Written by Eleanor Fullalove