Lacoste reveals the new version of its iconic glasses

Kicking off the new year, Lacoste is revisiting its classics with a line of youthful, resolutely fashionable eyewear. The brand’s crocodile, polo, and petit piqué cotton have been reinvented across three models boasting refined lines, translucent frames, and a logo reworked in keeping with the label’s original sporty-fashion style. L. 12. 12 Trim eyewear has bite, and it shows!



Having celebrated its 90th birthday, the Lacoste crocodile is more of a beast than ever in the fashion world. Often seen finely embroidered on polo shirts, it is the epitome of elegance and French know-how. Delicately featured on pairs of glasses, the metal logo boasts unrivaled sporting style.

However, its story began with another great athlete, René Lacoste, who was nicknamed “Le Crocodile” (of course) for his determination on the court. In 1933, after retiring from his tennis career, the champion founded a company to showcase the logo-embroidered shirt he had designed for his participation in the 1926 US Open. Referred to by its codename “1212,” the white shirt crafted in light, airy “petit piqué” cotton, complete with short sleeves and a ribbed collar, was none other than the famous Lacoste polo shirt. And in 90 years, it hasn’t changed a bit!

Lacoste Eyewear



Inextricably connected to the world of tennis, Lacoste is the brand that everyone want to be seen wearing at Roland-Garros. At Porte d’Auteuil, the famous L. 12. 12 polo shirts are featured alongside sporty, sleek eyewear from the same line. The temples on certain models are a nod to the dynamism of traditional tennis racket handles.

In January 2024, the label has gone one step further with its new L. 12. 12 Trim line. Lacoste has successfully infused each of the three models – two sunglasses and one prescription – with the essence of its renowned identity. Connoisseurs will recognize the famous petit piqué cotton in the metallic details, while fashionistas will appreciate the new, bio-injected shapes, the summer-inspired transparent elements, and the crocodile logo with its revisited texture.


Each of the three models showcases Lacoste’s inimitable sporty-chic style. The small logo on the lens, the metal plating, and the core thread on the temples are a nod the famous polo shirts. Meanwhile, the tone-on-tone interpretation of the crocodile logo offers a more fashion-conscious take on the brand’s spirit.

The L6023S sunglasses stand out with their transparent frames in classic rectangular shapes, but with softer angles that pair perfectly with understated colors such as beige, gray, brick, khaki, and brown.

With their pastel-colored oval shapes, L6024S sunglasses are at the cutting edge of summer trends.

Last but not least, Lacoste’s casual elegance is fully expressed in the L2944 prescription model, with a teacup-shaped frame in gray, azure, or brown. A particularly striking pink color is also available, drawing the eye with its delicately feminine aesthetic.

Discreet and elegantly simplistic, the L.12.12 Trim glasses are the latest addition to Lacoste’s modern yet timeless style.

Written by Yanita Kostova
Rewritten in english by Alexander Uff