Gifting children glasses at Christmas – why ever not?

The holidays are fast approaching, while the children’s lists for Santa are getting ever longer. Fortunately, time’s still on your side when it comes to finding your children the sort of gift they won’t have cast aside come New Year. We’re talking about a present they’ll find useful day in and day out… How does a ne nice pair of glasses sound?

They might not be the most obvious gift, but they have to be one of the most useful by far. The holidays are coming and according to research by Mastercard, 16% of French people started shopping for Christmas as far back as September! Why? To spread the expenditure over several months and give themselves time to find the perfect gift that no one would want to return or regift. Shopping for children can be far less complicated, given that they usually know what they want after leafing through the toy catalogs and watching all the adverts on television and on tablets, etc. High-tech gifts in particular are proving very popular with children. We can try to keep them from staring at screens as much as possible, even if that is increasingly difficult. Protecting their eyes in the best possible way means regulating their access to tablets and other screens, not to mention taking children to the opticians for glasses if you suspect there to be any problem with their vision. According to a 2015 study by the Directorate for Research, Studies, Assessment and Statistics (DREES) that makes recommendations to the French ministries of social affairs and health, “the proportion of children who do not wear glasses but suffer from short-sightedness (myopia) amounts to 10.5% on average”. More than enough to make you think that some nice glasses might not be half bad an idea for children, alongside their other gifts. Options including Spider-man, Frozen, Hello Kitty and Star Wars means there really is something for everyone. In fact, our selection even features three pairs of sunglasses to take with you on your winter skiing holiday.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-lulu-castagnette-opal-LEAA132C69-banniere-eng

    © Lulu Castagnette spectacles

    1. Lulu Castagnette spectacles, €115

    Référence : LEAA132C69

    The new Lulu Castagnette collection is filled with flowers, much like the brand’s ready-to-wear clothing line. Little girls will be intrigued to discover that the flower power embodied by these glasses extends to both the inside and the outside of the frames.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-spider-man-DSAA047C01-banniere-eng

    © Spider-Man spectacles

    2. Spider-Man spectacles, €115

    Référence : DSAA047C01

    The last installment in the Marvel series, Spider-Man Far from Home was released over the summer and proved to be box office gold. Inspired by the classic Marvel superhero, boys will always want to keep glasses like these close to hand!

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-rayban-RB1053-banniere-eng

    © Ray Ban spectacles for girls

    3. Ray Ban spectacles for girls, €112

    Référence : RB1053 4067 43-18

    Originally intended for adults, this model has now been made available for children as well. Choosing these frames gives you the chance to pick from various different colors on offer, pink and red among them.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-opal-DPAA104C36-banniere-eng

    © Frozen spectacles

    4. Frozen spectacles, €115

    Référence : DPAA104C36

    No sooner had you managed to get “Let it go” out of your head, then the sequel to Frozen is released at the cinema. These frames promise to be the talk of the playground, thanks to their swirling wind design, rhinestones and snowflake decorations.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-aviator-junior-rayban-banniere-eng

    © Ray Ban Junior Optics Aviator glasses

    5. Ray Ban Junior Optics Aviator glasses, €92

    Référence : RB1089 4064 50-14

    Requiring absolutely no introduction, you’ll already be familiar with Ray Ban’s iconic Aviator frames, also available for the younger generation. In common with the adult version, these glasses also come in different colors.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-opal-star-wars-OBII005-banniere-eng

    © Star Wars spectacles

    6. Star Wars spectacles, €115

    Référence : OBII005-3

    The final film in the legendary saga by George Lucas might not be far away, but spin-off products like these are sure to maintain their cachet. Not only are these Star Wars glasses blue-light blocking, the light sabers on the tips are hard to miss.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-opal-hello-kitty-HKAA133C68-banniere-eng

    © Hello Kitty spectacles

    7. Hello Kitty spectacles, €115

    Référence : HKAA133C68

    Some of us grew up with Hello Kitty, collecting anything and everything with the famous cat on it. If the time has come for you to pass on the torch, why not take this opportunity to introduce your own little girl to this pretty pair of glasses?

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-DG-lace-banniere-eng

    © Lace sunglasses

    8. Lace sunglasses, D&G, €350

    Référence : VG4237VP4759V000

    The holiday season goes go hand in hand with winter sports, so if you’re planning to hit the slopes, take care to protect your children’s eyes from the sun’s rays. An adult version of these very frames is also available, meaning you can match your mini me.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-dolce-and-gabbana-mimmo-banniere-eng

    © Mimmo sunglasses

    9. Mimmo sunglasses, D&G, €190

    Référence : VG4298VP2739V000

    These frames are named after Stefano Gabbana’s honey-colored Labrador, Mimmo, so if your own bambino has also expressed an interest in dogs, these sunglasses could be the ones to keep everyone happy.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-offrir-enfants-noel-DG-zambia-banniere-eng

    © Zambia sunglasses

    10. Zambia sunglasses, D&G, €190

    Référence : VG4289VP0139V000

    Leopard print is back this season. It’s all over shirts, boots, bags, coats and could even feature on your daughter’s eyewear now, as well. These sunglasses were inspired by an existing pair for adults, so make the perfect choice for fashion-forward mothers and daughters going skiing this winter.