How not to lose your glasses

As anyone who has ever worn glasses will tell you, losing them can be an all-too regular occurrence. Eyewear hide-and-seek is annoying for everyone, but someone with a strong prescription could step on them and break them, leaving themselves at a serious disadvantage. Follow our tips so you need never lose your glasses again, EYESEEmag to the rescue.



1.  Always leave them in the same place

The first rule of holding onto your glasses is to put them down in the same place each time (and we bet your grandmother has already told you that more than once). Someone people like to leave them in the bathroom when they take them off, but we would strongly recommend your bedside table so you have them to hand as soon as you wake up.



2. Take a photo of where you put them when you take them off

Here’s a really easy way to remember where you left them, that you might not have thought about. If you leave them someone other than where you would usually put them, take a picture of it straight away, then you just need to look at your phone to find them later on. Say goodbye to panicked searching!



3. Use a glasses chain

Your grandmother probably told you this one as well, but wearing your glasses on a chain is a sure-fire way to keep them with you. As well as being infinitely practical, it’s a trend that has seen a resurgence over recent seasons so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Check out big brand sites and also online stores like ASOS, Thomas Sabo and Amazon for accessible prices.

4. Try a tracker

Technology is moving fast to make the everyday easier. Luckily for glasses-wearers, innovation is being put to good use with tools like bluetooth tracker Orbit Glasses, which can easily be stuck on any pair frames and connects to your smartphone. You can beep them within a 30m-60m radius and also geolocalize them on a map using the ORBIT app. Similar systems like LOOK, Bluebee and Gablys also work with other objects like keys, wallets and even pets! Another alternative is choosing smart glasses with integrated geolocalisation by Atol, enabling you to locate and find your glasses wherever you have left them, via your smartphone and the Téou app.



5. Choose colored frames you will see easily

Black frames on dark upholstery and pale glass on a light wood table are not easy to spot. Optical camouflage like this is a frequent reason for spending longer than necessary looking for them, go all-out on bright or two-tone pair of frames to be sure to find them quickly.