How To Get That French Girl Look

France has a lot to boast about: the cheese, the wine, the Eiffel tower. But let’s not forget about French style, a style emulated the world over and often without success. At EYESEEmag, we’ve decoded the rules, the faux-pas, and the tips and tricks you need to know in order to achieve that  effortless French girl style with ease.


© Clémence & Margaux

Classic, not basic

That almost unachievable ‘I woke up like this’ look is something the French master so well. The key to effortless elegance? Less is more. Avoid the logos and if you think your accessorising is a bit on the heavy side, it probably is.

Try the ‘La Provocante’ frames from Clémence et Margaux (above) for a modern twist on a classic shape.

For fail safe elegance, go for all black. Simple to pull together but with huge impact, there’s nothing easier than an all black look to give you a little boost of confidence à la française.

Mixing luxe finishes with elegance colorways, these black and gold frames from Volte Face – Maison Jean-François Rey (below) are the epitome of Parisian chic.


© Jean-François Rey

Subtle Sophistication

Black and neutrals may be the base of a French girl closet, but you don’t need to shy away from color. Accessories are the perfect way to inject a pop of color or interesting details, so feel free to play around with your frames and add a little personality to your look.


© Vuillet Vega

These Signframes from Vuillet Vega are geometric without being too graphic and are a subtle nod to current trends. And they’re made in France!

According to Parisian designer Isabel Marant, French girls spend a lot of time pretending that they don’t spend any time on their look. Whatever they do, they seem to be onto something. If there is anything we can learn from French girls it would be everything in moderation. Easy, right?