Made in Italia, affordable and trendy glasses

Whether concerning fashion, design, furniture, art, vehicles or gastronomy, the Italian know-how is world-renowned and highly appreciated. The “L’Amy” group knows this and has therefore signed, over a year ago, a licence agreement (production and distribution) for 5 years with the Made in Italia Eyewear brand, property of the Turin-based company IDT S.p.A. Here’s what you need to know.


© Made in Italia eyewear

Made in Italia Eyewear is a brand which was started online in 2008, in Turin, and is distributed in more than 60 countries. It belongs to the Turin-based B2B online apparel and accessory distribution company, IDT S.p.A otherwise known as Brandsdistribution. After having marketed leather shoes, for men and women, the brand turned to eyewear and launched Made in Italia Eyewear (sunglasses and prescription glasses), for men and women, first in collaboration with L’Amy Italia and recently with L’Amy France. The French group emphasises this on its website “Made in Italia: (represents) a new idea of style, born from the need to revolutionise the concept of Made in Italy in the world”. With a large portfolio of brands, the French eyewear manufacturer L’Amy chose to join the Italian brand to offer “The coolest and most recent designs (…) in different shapes and colours, from sophisticated designs to retro/vintage designs”.

© Made in Italia eyewear

Made in Italy means elegance and quality

The elegance and quality of the Italian know-how are at the centre of this trendy and glamorous collection. Carlo Tafuri, founder and CEO of Brandsdistribution explained that “Made in Italia glasses are made with quality materials and the goal was to create a line of glasses, for men and women, which respects the current trends concerning colours as well as design whilst also making them accessible to all”. Dominique Alba, CEO of the L’Amy France group agrees and added that some customers mistakenly believe that you cannot buy affordable and trendy sunglasses. Made in Italia, however, is proof of this, and he underlines that the idea of Italian design and creation is unconsciously an additional value which can generate interest. When we talk about Italy, we cannot help but think about the Dolce Vita, the Italian lifestyle and the brand intends to use this to develop its reputation in France.

Pure italianità

The prescription glasses and sunglasses produced by Made in Italia Eyewear, distributed by the L’Amy group, are a clever combination of quality materials, varied tints/hues, designs that represents pure italianità at affordable prices (under 100 euros). The frame names all begin with the letter “v” and pay tribute to famous Italian cities like Volterra; Viareggio in Tuscany, known for its carnival; Vieste in Puglia or Vulcano, a volcanic island, as its name suggests, located in north of beautiful Sicily. For each design, many tints are available, from matte black to silver or gold and also more neutral colours such as blue or tortoiseshell. In short, there’s something for everyone. Viva the dolce vita!


© Unsplash, by Antonio Gabola