5 books to help your child learn to love their glasses

If your child is packing their first pair of glasses alongside their pencil case for the new school term, it might be a difficult moment for them. To give them a little helping hand, we’ve put together a selection of books full of glasses-wearing heroes who will help them to love and accept their new accessory.

So you’ve been to the optician and spent time and care choosing a pair of glasses with your little one so that they will hopefully be happy to wear them. But with the new school term around the corner, there might be a new challenge in store. If your child refuses to wear their glasses, be patient and listen to the reasons why. Wearing glasses can be an angst-filled time for some children especially the first time they wear them to school.

How can you help your child accept their new glasses?

If your child doesn’t want to wear their glasses at school, you need to find out why. Maybe they feel embarrassed wearing them, maybe they’re worried about feeling different or scared of being made fun of in the playground. Talk it through with them and take out some of the drama. Why not make them feel more confident about wearing them by reading a story featuring a glasses-wearing hero? We’ve found 5 books that deal with this topic with humour and tenderness to help your child learn to love their glasses.

  • lulu-et-ses-lunettes-1100x400

    1. Specs for Rex, by Yasmeen Ismail published by Bloomsbury, £6.99

    Rex hates his specs: they’re big, red and round. He wants just one thing in life: to get rid of his glasses whatever it takes, and he comes up with ingenious ways to accomplish this. But in the end, throughout his adventures, he discovers that his glasses come with some advantages, winning him prizes and friends.

  • je-veux-des-lunettes-1100x400

    2. Je veux des lunettes, by Charlotte Moundlic & Véronique Deiss published by Albin Michel, 10€

    Firmin has perfect vision but his greatest wish is to wear glasses. He’s the only one in his family who doesn’t wear them. In fact, his whole family are opticians! Firmin’s wish becomes his obsession and he even tries to make his own until Sabrina convinces him to change his mind.

    Approaching the issue from the other side – for once the hero actually wants to wear glasses – it’s a story of self-acceptance, whether you wear glasses or not. 

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    3. Mes premières lunettes, by Shigenori Kusunoki published by Nobi Nobi, 12,50€

    When she finds out she has to wear glasses, the heroin refuses point blanc and does everything she can not to choose a pair at the optician. She doesn’t want to be the only one at school to wear them: what if her classmates make fun of her? But her fears are quickly laid to rest by those around her who help her to feel better.

    A reassuring story that will help your child get over the hurdle of wearing glasses for the first time.

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    4. Mes lunettes ! d’Alice Brière-Haquet & Amélie Graux published by Flammarion Jeunesse Père Castor, 10,50€

    With humour and tenderness, this book reveals all the best things about wearing glasses: being able to watch cheetahs, finding Manon’s ring and even seeing in the dark! It’s incredible the powers glasses give you

  • a-la-decouverte-des-lunettes-1100x400

    5. A la découverte des lunettes, Estelle Vidard published by La Petite Boite 4,90€

    For curious kids that want to know everything there is to know their specs, this book tells the history of glasses, from their invention to today. Supported by the Morez Glasses Museum, there are anecdotes, games and all the secrets behind how they make our specs.


Another angle on glasses that will help your child get excited and learn more about the accessory they wear every day.

Written by Josh Arnold