12 pairs of glasses that both you and your child can wear

Little ones like to copy mom and dad, especially when it comes to how they dress, which is why more and more designs originally meant for adults now come in child sizes too. So, how do you like the sound of matching glasses?

Some haute couture brands already make it possible to dress your children in the same clothes and accessories you own. Take Louis Vuitton for example, with its mini version of the iconic Speedy bag. Or Gucci with its popular snaffle bit loafers for kids. Here, EYESEEmag has selected 12 pairs of glasses you can effectively coordinate with those of your children.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-prada-duple-banniere-01

    © Prada

    1. Prada Duple sunglasses, €330

    These cloud blue Prada frames stand out for their geometric shape and metal detailing on the arms and on the front of the frames.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-Mimmo-DG-banniere-02

    © Dolce & Gabbana

    2. Mimmo sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana, €190

    If you want to find your son some sunglasses to match your own Prada Duple, these acetate frames by Dolce & Gabbana – beige on the outside and sky blue on the inside – are an excellent choice.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-banniere-03

    © Rip Curl

    3. Rip Curl spectacles, €149

    These round optical glasses for children aged 7 to 12 are very on trend. Not only does the combination of  tortoiseshell and pink look cool, but they’ll also add some color to the face.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-bash-banniere-04

    © Ba&sh

    4. Ba&sh spectacles, €209

    If you’re a fan of Ba&sh brand clothing and accessories, these spectacles should be right up your street. This round design in burgundy and gold-tone metal provides an elegant and fashionable way to coordinate with your daughter.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-zambia-DG-banniere-05

    © Dolce & Gabbana

    5. Zambia sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana, €315

    These feline frames with their blingy black crystals are something special. An extravagant design, which this Italian fashion house does so well. Revel in all the attention they attract, or share it with your mini-me in matching glasses.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-molokid-banniere-06

    © Molo

    6. Molo sunglasses, 26 euros

    The shape of these Molo sunglasses is very reminiscent of the Zambia model for adults by Dolce & Gabbana. Not only are they stylish, but these sunglasses are suitable for both the mountains and trips out to sea.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-rayban-kid-banniere-07

    © Ray-Ban

    7. Ray-Ban spectacles for children, €82

    A rounded design in a hue that never goes out of fashion. Designed for 8- to 12-year-olds, these glasses offer a choice of colors, including violet, gray and black.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-instyle-banniere-08

    © InStyle

    8. InStyle spectacles, €179

    Not an exact match for the version we showed you for children, but the resemblance is definitely there. These sky blue  Pantos style frames are perfect for oval face shapes and let you and your little one coordinate your looks.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-SL-banniere-09

    © Saint Laurent

    9. New wave SL 181 Loulou sunglasses, Saint Laurent, €305

    These iconic frames by Yves Saint Laurent have been copied over and over again. So if you’ve taken them to your heart, you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding some similar frames out there for children.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-monnalisa-banniere-10

    © Monnalisa

    10. Monnalisa sunglasses, €54

    This retro style for little girls is the ideal complement to the Loulou by Yves Saint Laurent. Just the thing for standing out, while also matching mom.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-rdb-rayban-banniere-11

    © Ray-Ban

    11. Ray-Ban round double bridge sunglasses, €205

    The recent round double bridge design by Ray-Ban could well become iconic for the brand. The minimalist and contemporary style will put the perfect finishing touch to your look, whether you’re in the city, on the beach, or out on the town.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-rayban-junior-banniere-12

    © Ray-Ban

    12. Ray-Ban children’s sunglasses, €145

    Available in classic brown, black, purple or blue, this junior (8-12 years) model is reminiscent of the Ray-Ban double bridge Pantos frames for adults.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-olivier-peoples-banniere-13

    © Oliver Peoples

    13. Erissa sunglasses, Oliver Peoples, €325

    Remind you of anyone? The glamorous shape of these glasses was popularized by Kurt Cobain, among others. Suitable for both men and women, the different colors on offer range from blue to mustard, via burgundy and black.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-wowza-banniere-14

    © Wowza

    14. Wowza sunglasses, 59 dollars

    These distinctly 90s inspired glasses are designed for children aged 6 to 16. They clearly resemble the Oliver Peoples design, but are more affordably priced, making them ideal for children who want to wear the same frames you do.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-wayfarerkid-banniere-15

    © Wayfarer

    15. Junior Wayfarer optical frames, Ray-Ban, €102

    This iconic design, which instantly puts us in mind of the  Blues Brothers, needs no introduction. All you really need to know is that these optical frames designed especially for children offer little ones the choice of several different colors.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-wayfarer-banniere-16

    © Wayfarer

    16. Wayfarer optical frames, Ray-Ban, €145

    Available in two colors for adults, the optical version of the iconic Wayfarer style always hits the right mark and has an old school feel that goes down well with those nostalgic for American cool and glamour. No wonder this design is one of the best-selling globally!

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-stellamcartney-banniere-17

    © Stella McCartney

    17. Stella McCartney sunglasses, €110

    These pink sunglasses for girls are certainly eye-catching. Not all the haute couture fashion houses provide options for children, but Stella McCartney is obviously one that does.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-ajmorgan-banniere-18

    © AJ Morgan

    18. AJ Morgan sunglasses, €30.99

    As you’ll have gathered by now, our aim is to find similar designs for adults and children… These pink cat eye frames from American brand AJ Morgan should remind you of the Stella McCartney design we showed you for children.

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-zambia-DG-banniere-19

    © Dolce & Gabbana

    19. Zambia sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana, €190

    Remember the black crystal embellished Zambia model for adults? This is the animal print Zambia model for kids – the perfect way to top off any really wild outfit!

  • tendances-10-lunettes-a-porter-avec-son-mini-moi-printfamily-DG-banniere-20

    © Dolce & Gabbana

    20. Print Family sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana, €235

    Staying with the animal trend, Dolce & Gabbana offers this model, which we happen to think would complement the Zambia kids’ version beautifully, so you can wear these while your girls wear those.

  • NV268-DE68_TITANE_1100x400

    21.Titanium NV268-DE68 glasses by Façonnable, 249 €

    Emblematic glasses brand for men Façonnable presents this titanium frame with sheer blue acetate accents designed to chime perfectly with GAME02-GRBL Façonnable Pour les Garçons, for boys.

  • GAME02-GRBL_1100x400

    22. GAME02-GRBL for boys by Façonnable Pour les Garçons, 159 €

    Façonnable Pour les Garçons is designed for juniors who want to be just like Daddy. This frame is designed along the same lines as the Titanium NV268-DE68 above.

  • DAISY31-BXOR_1100x400

    23. DAISY31-BXOR glasses by Paul & Joe, 249 €

    Paul & Joe has been on the up since it was created 20 years ago and has since become a go-to fashion brand. Creative Director Sophie Mechaly’s playful approach to style is present and correct in this elegant frame, with refined details and soft colors.

  • GABY04-BXOR_1100x400

    24. Glasses by Little Paul & Joe Optique, 176 €

    Founded by designer Sophie Michaly in 1995, and named for her two sons, Paul & Joe diffusion line Little Paul & Joe was born in 2005, strengthening the brand’s childlike, joy-filled positioning. Glasses were added in 2012 and this frame is the perfect reflection of the feel of the kids’ line, designed to pair perfectly with the DAISY31-BXOR above.