The 5 top stories in December from the glasses world

Unique looks, flexible frames and Parisian elegance are what the end of 2020 is all about in the world of glasses with several dazzling new designs and events arriving in December. These are the top stories this month.


© Theo eyewear

The new collection from Theo Eyewear that goes against the grain

Belgian brand Theo Eyewear have chosen the slogan ‘Theo goes upstream’ for their new collection: three lines of glasses intriguingly named Potatoes, Arches and Lavalands. While each line has something that sets it apart, like the Potatoes designs which are extremely flexible and can be twisted without breaking, each model is full of the brand’s values: imagination, avant-gardism and personality.



© Charmant AdLib

Ad Lib’s birthday design

Ad Lib, a brand belonging to the Charmant group, is known for its modern design and making the most of color. This year, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they have brought out a brand new design: the Bria. Thanks to its ionic plating, each butterfly pair is entirely unique as its colors change from yellow to pink to green or blue, depending on the angle they are looked at. And designed with sustainability in mind, the innovative ionic plating pollutes as little as possible. With both style and the environment in mind, the Bria is sure to go far.



© Volte Face/JF Rey

Parisian elegance according to Jean-François Rey

It might sound like a movie but Volte Face is in fact the name of the new collection for Fall/Winter by Jean-François Rey. The brand’s new designs take their inspiration from the worlds of couture and art (especially the art deco movement) and pay tribute to Parisiennes whose chic style inspires people all around the world. Sophisticated with a touch of quirkiness, and crafted like jewels, these designs stand out for their attention to detail, from the transparencies to the original colors. Ones to be worn with a trench and a white shirt to enhance their timeless character.



© Caroline Abram

Caroline Abram’s American Dream

The Parisian glasses label that needs no introduction, Caroline Abram has arrived in New York. After the Left and Right Banks of the French capital, the brand has gone stateside: a childhood dream for the designer who has always been inspired by the city in her collections. It’s in the heart of the West Village (on 193rd West 4th Street) that the vintage pink flagship has found its home, filled with men’s, women’s and children’s designs in the very Instagram-friendly surroundings. We can’t wait for borders to open up so we can see the space with our own eyes.



© Pull & Bear

Pull&Bear’s Matrix revival

The reverence for the 2000s is not yet over as Gen Z favorite Pull&Bear has brought out a limited edition collection of pieces paying tribute to the cult film franchise The Matrix. The pants, sneakers, hats, jackets, hoodies and a pair of glasses inspired by the heroes of the 1999 classic won’t break the bank, perhaps providing the perfect way to await the release of the fourth film in the series in December 2021, reuniting Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.




A family affair

In the Lasry family, everyone knows Thierry. But his brother Léonard, as well as looking after TL glasses in France, is also a musician. He has worked in the past with Marie France, Gabrielle Lazure and Jay-Jay Johnson, and has just released a single ‘À faire comme si’, the first from his coming album ‘Au hasard cet espoir’, arriving in February. Here’s hoping things will be brighter in the cultural world by then. 



© Leonard Lasry

A faire comme si - last Léonard Lasry's clip


Written by Josh Arnold